Thursday, May 19, 2011


7 Random FA(C)TS about MOI

As a new bee to the blogger community, I was glad when I was awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award" by Sakura. I accept it humbly and pass on the same to a few people whom I have been following with pleasure.

7 Random FA(C)TS about MOI

1) I am not scared of cockroaches, lizards or any other insects. I do not scream. [Yes, I don’t] I hold cockroach’s moustache [when it is alive and scuttling] and I throw it outside.[How I wish I could see the expression on your face now! :P]  I do not prefer killing any of them.

2) I don't like hair falling in my face. However short my hair is, I will clip it up. So, anytime you can find at least 3 clips and 2 hair bands in my bag. [Now, Guys.. you know one of the contents of the secret ladies hand bag.]

3) I love my home to be spotlessly clean. When I see dirty places, I get an urge to clean up mess all by myself. [Cheers to my amazing self control.. Else, Bangalore would have been so clean a place! :D ]

4) I do not have stage fear. I do not fear recognition. I am daring. [What do you think? I have a (st)rong heart? ]

5) I cannot stand bad breath or body odour or even stinky feet. I cannot hide my disgust either. [Because I will almost puke! :D]

6) I match my ear-rings to my dress. I own at least “xxx” sets of ear-rings.  [Street vendor says I am his lady luck.. He has turned into a luck-pati ever since I started buying..  Hubby dear.. Did you ask me yesterday about my zero balance in my salary account? :P ]

7) I do not have undying passion for anything. It is just that I am interested in something at some point in time, as time passes the interest fades. [“No No.. Do not read it as someone :P I am madly solely wholly in love with my husband before, now and in will be in future also”]


I take this opportunity to talk about the awardees (of what I know from their blogs) on this awarding ceremony! Order is just alphabetical.

Nishana - - Nishana, One of my first followers. This lady has love for her daughter like an ocean. She is a treasure. All her articles have so much love in it. For every article I read my expression will be "Awwww.. that's cute".. Nishana,, Your daughter is very lucky to have you as her mother. I would award for your stylish love for your daughter.. It is a great honour for me to award you.

Prashanth - - Dr. Prashanth, the writings of this person is so fresh. He is socially responsible person. Modest. Love the style of writing. Especially, his kannada writings are of editorial quality. Stylish indeed. Prashanth, hope you will accept the award. (Prashanth, I would like to know, what kind of doctor are you? )

Ramya - -  Ramya, I came across her blog recently. I read all her posts. They are just awesome. She will make dull things look bright. Bring life and energy into her writings. I do not leave her post without a smile on my face. For the smiles, and for the style of writing - You deserve this award Ramya.

Sharadha -  - I loved her blogs for the subtle humour. Her blogs are intellectually stimulating. Love the style of her writings. I enjoy her witty talks as well. (at office). It is a pleasure to award you BB. :)

 Sujatha - -
She is one super blogger. If you happen to see me when I reading your post, probably you will never miss my smile. All the posts in her blog make for some enjoyable reading. Her hold on the language is just extraordinary.  Love her style of mincing words. Sujatha, Hope you will accept the award.

OK people, if you did not know what is this award all about, even I did not know when I got. But, I googled the answer out and here it is,
If you are the recipient of the award

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. [ Not necessary friends, I chose you because you deserved]

2. Tell seven things about yourself. [I would love to know them]
3. Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to 15 recently discovered new bloggers. [I did not do this fully, It is up to you]
4. Contact everyone and let them know they've been awarded! [After I hit the publish post button, that is my next job]


  1. u made my day! an award! wow ! wow! wow! thank you...

  2. @Sujatha, am glad that you are happy. :) You deserved this.

  3. Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Its my first award,
    Thanks thanks thanks :D

    Now I dont know how much justice I will do ;) in following the tradition of this award but surely I will treasure this.

    And Buddy :) please dont mind for a follow up blog on this which may be satirical,:) I will assume your permission buddy... Please visit blog to know more.

    :) Thanks again!!!

  4. Go ahead Ramya! You are the owner of the award. And ofcourse the owner of your blog. I will enjoy your post as usual. Will be waiting. :)

  5. Loads of Thanks! This is my first award and I owe you for that. I would definitely follow the rules and extend the award to fellow bloggers..Thank you again.

  6. Hey Nishana, you deserved this. :)

  7. nice to know about you ...":))congrats .

  8. Sahana, thanks for knitting me along with the real pearls you picked. Am grateful to you, my fullest :o)

    I truly am the 'odd man' in, rest all being Girls :P

  9. Prashanth, You are truely the man who deserves appla-odd ;)

    You are welcome :)

  10. So sweet of you, Spicy sweet! I am happy to accept your award. The very word 'award' is so thrilling!! Thank you.

  11. This is one of the homely blogs i have ever seen. :), welcoming every one with a smile (imagining the smile). sharing the award with others. reflecting back the goodness that others show, right back at them. good to be following a cordial author.


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