Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bunni completed 2 years this month. She has started making small sentences and some times she baby talks also. She surprises us with grammatically correct sentences sometimes. The things that come out of her mouth keep me laughing for a long while. So, now conversations are two-way Indian roads. I quote here some of those experiences. Ofcourse, I have translated those conversations from Kannada to English.

Bunni: Sahana! Fill water in this jar.
Me: You should not call elders by their name.
Bunni: Gunds! Fill water in this jar

Gunds – That is how her father calls me.
Lesson : Follow the rule

Bunni: Amma, my hands are dirty. Wash. Wash. Wash.
Me: Ok. Come lets wash. (washed)
Bunni: I want to wash it myself now.
Me: Ok. Let me help you.
Bunni: But my hands are not dirty.
Me: No.. Your hands are still dirty, wash.
Bunni: Amma! Then wash my hands properly this time!!
Lesson: You lie. You eat your own words

A guest gave Bunni a real big chocolate
Me: What should you say when you get a chocolate?
Bunni: One more!
There. Down the drain, went the "Thank you" lesson I gave her umpteen times!
Lesson : Ask and you shall receive. An answer at least.

Potty time.
Bunni: Amma, I got 1-2 shits. (She had just understood numbers and counting.)
Me: (Controlling my laughter) Ok. Come let me clean you.
Bunni: But, I want '9-10...a biiiiig faaat hen' number of shits. (From the 1-2 buckle my shoe rhyme)
Now! Where should I bring that many number of uuurrrggh.. whatever!!
Lesson: Aim for the moon.

I was telling her a story from panchatantra. One of the stories which she likes, is a story of a wolf and a sheep.
Me: The wolf said, "I am old. I cannot hunt. You are an easy prey. I will eat you". And what did the sheep say?
Bunni: Byaa Byaa Byaa Byaaa..
Lesson : Keep it simple silly

She loathes sleeping. Sometimes I call out for some non-existent uncle and complain about her loudly, when she does not sleep. That works. One night.
Me: Bunni.. Close your eyes and sleep.
Bunni: I don't want to.
Me: Hey Uncle.. Come here! Take Bunni away with you.
Bunni: Uncle.. Come.. Come soon.. Take me to play swing.. Amma.. you can also come with us..
That was totally unexpected.
Lesson : Face your problems

Luckily, I am unlearning life with this bundle of joy! Such spontaneous reactions, surprises.. make my life a celebration!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother's love is the greatest. Really?

Mother's love is irreplaceable, forever and unconditional. I agree. Which kind of love can be replaced? The love gotten from every loving person is unique. For example. Fathers love. Doesn't it comply to all the three words above? Ofcourse, there are exceptions in both cases.

All forms of love whatever form they may assume, require, or at any rate, expect, some equivalent or less for it in return in the shape of affection, happiness, or pleasure. Is mother an exception? In some cases yes, and in some cases no. Chastise me as a bad mother if you want, I really don't know how I would have reacted if my child had not showed its love, affection back. I expected that. Do I become selfish? Yes.

The way a mother loves a child and the way a father loves a child is completely different. The logic beats me when they are compared. It is something like saying air is superior to light in nature. Both are different, but essential forces of nature. Can any of one of them be replaced?
When someone says "Mother's love is great". I agree. Greatest? I don't. For the simple reason that it cannot be compared. Neither does any other form of love merit comparisons.

To compare, one must analyze. Do we really know the depth of the person's love? We just analyze the way we perceive. Some people express themselves very well and others don't. Does this innate quality of being an introvert make one a bad lover?

Mother has an advantage of sharing a natural bond during gestation. Then delivering in the most painful way known to the world. None of us can ever think of the intensity, the depth or the expanse of the love the soul has.
Some fathers cannot even relate themselves to the child as soon as it is born. It is not natural for them like mothers, it grows on them. They become a different person altogether. And then the saga begins. For others, it begins as soon as he knows he will be a father. But, the important point here is "The Saga Begins". A father loves his child, puts the child first amongst priorities sans the natural/physical bond. Remains an unsung hero.

When I was a small kid, people asked me if I liked my mother more or father. Without second thought, I would answer "Amma!". Appa was a strict disciplinarian. He spoke very little. When he spoke, it would be very brief, to the point and direct. Such conversations often made me feel he is emotionless. 

Slowly, as I grew up, all those "little talkings" had a big impact in my life. Infact, they were huge turning points in my life. Then, I started understanding the creature called father. One day, I was married, I had to leave home, I realized I would miss him as much as my mother. After Bunni, I witnessed the birth of a father, I remained amazed by the transformation a man has to undergo to father a child. I loved my father even more. 

To hail the greatness of one thing, we should not degrade the other. More importantly, lets not compare apples and oranges.

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