Friday, July 29, 2011

Man of action

Squeaky-clean skin paired with Kohl lined eyes, modest lipstick and a blue designer bindi added beauty to the navy blue saree I wore. The vintage sterling gold bangle adorned the wrist with elegance and class. ‘He has never seen me in a saree’. I thought.

Along with my parents, I was going to my would-be BH’s cousin’s marriage.  That was the first time I was seeing him after our engagement date was fixed. He was very busy that day. He had neither replied to my messages nor answered my calls.

Appa was driving the car. I was lost in my own world. How would he compliment me? What might be his reaction? My thoughts spun around.

When we reached the place, butterflies swarmed my stomach. My eyes were looking for him. (actually for his reaction) After rounds of formal introduction to the family, I saw the most handsome man in pure white silk kurta and dhoti standing at near a room door to a bunch of guys. ‘Ahh! There he is!’ I walked with poise to an aunty who sat few feet away from him. (needless to say that it was to get his attention) I kept a watch on him. He was casually looking around as he was talking, he saw me and he spoke. He stopped abruptly. His head whirled around to confirm what he saw.

I smiled. He did not.

He was walking towards me. My heart was racing. He walked past me! My heart lost the race.

He greeted my parents. Heart-broken, I sat in a chair nearby. His cousins were all excited to befriend me. They took me along with them to the ‘happening spot’ of the hall, where all the ritual ceremonies took place.

‘He did not even greet me. How can I live with such a person all my life?’ I thought. I was feeling unappreciated, unloved and empty.
Girls were cracking jokes. I put on a fake smile on my face.

He stood in opposite me with his gang, separated from me by the mantapa. I felt I was being watched. I looked up, he was staring at me. I looked straight into his eyes, trying to project boldness. But when I saw the genuine love and frank admiration in his eyes, my defenses broke down and I smiled. (Don’t know why I melt)

He did not smile back!!!

‘That’s it. I am not staying in this place anymore. I am going back’ I thought. But, his cousins did not leave me. I felt helpless anger and was frustrated by his indifference. My eyes were heavy without tears.    

I was again lost in my world oblivious to what is happening around. When there were reverberating sounds of rhythmic musical instruments I got back into my senses. People were showering akshate (yellow colored rice) on the newly married couple. I felt a strong male hand meshing my fingers with his. I looked back. It was him. My heart went quiet. I could not hear anything. His hand was lot bigger. Mine was childlike.

‘He is stone faced. Absolutely no expression’ I was still angry (litttttttle )

The marriage ceremony got over. We had a sumptuous lunch. We were leaving. My parents were walking ahead of me. I followed them. He had not spoken a word to me! Huh.

In a fraction of a second, he sneaked from “wonder where”, and planted a kiss on my right cheek! (Check out his cheek to do it in public) My eyes were wide open in wonder. I stood transfixed. He walked past me again. I was just seeing him.

Amma bellowed at me from the car. He opened the door for me, and whispered in my ears. ’Bewitching lady! You are absolutely edible’

I smiled and settled into a comfortable, knowing silence.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pregnant Silence

Memories of first pregnancy.

10th June 2009: 6.30 PM Wednesday,

I had missed my periods. I felt, we had come to a new juncture of life. But, I had not informed BH about my missed period. I thought, let me confirm and give a big surprise.

I bought a pregnancy test kit. I read on the “Instructions manual” that the best time to take a pregnancy test is early morning. I just could not wait till the next day.

11th June 2009: 2.44 AM Thursday

Eyes wide open. I was too excited to sleep. My heart was hammering.


I could not wait anymore. I ran into the bathroom and took the test.
Bit by bit the second line started to show. (For people who do not understand what I mean, you can go here and come back). ‘Oh My GOD! Oh My GOD! I can’t believe this! I am so (to the power of infinity) happy! I want to shout out to the world’ thoughts were screaming with joy inside me. But, I wanted to give him a surprise. I ran up to the laptop, checked the due date.’ I just couldn’t believe!’ I was due on BH’s birthday! It was icing on the cake. I just had to hold my horses till the time was right.

7.45 AM.

We were getting ready for the office. I was keyed up. I wanted to tell him THE news. He would be so happy. I was plaiting my hair. He was searching something in the cupboard. And I started,

Me: What gift do you want for your next birthday?

BH: Urrrggh! You know the answer. You ask and get disappointed every time.

Me: L You don’t want anything? But, what will I do with the gift then? It is there already.

BH: It is there? Where?

Me:  Anyway, you are not interested. Why do you want to know? (Ahaa.. Now its my time)

BH: OK,  If you have bought it for me. You will give. I know that you cannot hold your   excitement for long. It will anyway come my way.
(Tapping on my head teasingly )

Me:  You have taken me for granted Mr. Poet.
(He smiled was about to go out of the room)

Me: (Hurriedly, I did not want him to leave) Now, what if I say your gift is in..
(I stopped )

BH: is in? Cut the chase dear. We are getting late.

Me: (I was expecting a romantic conversation.) in my tummy.
I finished the sentence without an expression on my face. I took the bag and walked towards the room door.
He stood where he was. I could see happiness glowing in his eyes. He held my hand.

BH: What? We should have left home a little earlier then. I don’t want to take you through that bumpy shortcut anymore. You will be late to office today. We are taking the longer and smoother road.

I was dazzled. I was not at all expecting this reaction. I wanted to shake him out of his sleepy calmness.

But, I knew, there was care, love in what he said. We walked out of the room. He put his arms across my shoulders as I descended the staircase. He said. “We will meet a gynecologist this weekend. Okay?”
I nodded.

'Love him to bits!' smiled my heart.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The story details

After marriage, I understood, Men are from Mars (not bars) Women are from Venus (not fungus).
We are from two different worlds. So, even our thinking has to be worlds apart sometimes. And also, there are differences in how we feel, how we express, how we do things, et cetera, et cetera.. 

Observing these differences, let me quote an incident from our life. 

My BH picks me up every day from my office, and this part, I have chipped off from every working day conversations.

If it is BH who opens the conversation, then it will be
BH: How was work today?

Me: Normal. But, I wonder why people up the ladder cannot plan well. I will   have a lot of work on some days and I won’t have much on other days. Productivity of a person will come down if such a scenario continues for long. Doesn’t it?
By the way, I had got a call from a person called ‘X’ from ‘Y’ company at 3.30 PM today; he said he has some good policies which ensure high returns at the end of 3 years. I told him we had enough.  (Did you notice that I changed the topic without waiting for his reply.. :P ). I had called Mrs. ABC; I told you that she was not keeping well. It seems now she is recovering. (I had not finished)

BH: Oh God! I thought the answer to was just good or bad. Why do you want to exert yourself so much? You are wasting so much of energy! (Rolling over his eyes)

Me: I just thought, I should be sharing things with you. :( I did not know that they weren’t important to you. :( :(

BH: Aggrhhh!! (Scratching his head)

Observation: Men like to keep things short and to the point. They just take what is applicable and chuck the rest and they get going. (Probably they have memory problems or probably they use that memory to remember test match scores/records :-D)

If it is yours truly who starts a conversation..
Me: How was work today?

BH: Not good not bad.

Me: Why? What happened?

BH: (Alarmed by the next series of possible questions that would bombard) Nothing, It was normal.

Me: Why did you tell that it was not good then?

BH: (closing his eyes, gathering patience) had many calls to attend. Busy day.

Me: So, what is the happening thing at office?

BH: Nothing.

Me: Tell me something, all your answers are short; you don’t want to share anything with me.

BH: There is nothing worth sharing.

Me: Then you are filtering out things from me. Why do you want to do that?

BH: Shall we talk about something else for heaven’s sake?

Me: :( :(

Observation: Women want to know teeny-weeny things particulars about everything. All possible angles of the topic, other peoples’ reactions/opinion over the topic, any thing that is related to all topics; ensuring that they are down to the last detail. (They have ample storage capacity in their memory and everywhere else. That is why they carry babies for the mankind! :-D) 

Anyway, We celebrate the differences between us. We differ yet we prefer each-other. Life would have been so boring if we were from same worlds. Now it is spiced-up!! (HOTTTTTTT!!!)

PS: I know, BH's small brain should have A BIGGGG of space for patience. Ain't it? :P

Let me know your opinion...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bunni - The Miss-Chief

Bunni, just crossed her 16 month mark and she has become a source of hilarity. She will be awarded the 'miss-chief' for her activities. I love the way she thinks sometimes. :D Let me try to unveil some of the episodes.

  • In the midst of changing her dress, in that brief moment of being naked, she takes to her heels. She loves being in her birthday suit. ( Now, do not tell me that she has a bright future...)
  • Exactly after removing the diaper, she starts peeing and running all over the place. I should trace a skewed path all over the house to clean the soggy ground (Pee-vish behavior eh?)
  • There comes a day of ‘pain’ting at home. We got busy with the covering of furniture at home and she poured out the whole container of paint! Whoaw! I had to give her a bath for the second time that day. While mopping the floor to get rid of the spilled paint, she emptied the bucket full of water!!! Errr..  Painters were back on their task with a new can of paint and they were just done with the first coat, she rolled off the can of paint again in a spilt second!! Ran over the paint and all over the floor! GOD SAVE ME!
  • She finger paints the walls, her face and body when she finds “Colgate Gel” toothpaste in the store-room. (For that matter, any tube she finds will be used as a paint)
  • There was eerie silence at home, I run all around the house calling out for her. I skid on a floor turned pond. She comes out of the bathroom with a mug full of water, giggling away. She does not stop irrigating the floor for the next 15 minutes. Come what may (hem)!

  • She brings a plate from the kitchen cabinet. Places the plate in an uninhabited place. Stands over it. Poops! (Imagine the ‘palate’ of the person eating from a plate at home who knows about this incident ;))
  • She opened a green colored cough syrup on the couch, turned the bottle upside down, and made patterns over the white bedspread. (Teaching her mother to go-green..)
  • God save the accessories in the bathroom which are within her reach. They will have their final destination fixed: The Commode!

  • She tries on all the shoes in the closet and all clothes in the wardrobe which are cleanly arranged and organized. Result: Shoes, Slippers, Dress(es) strewn everywhere – MESS!

  • When she finds an opening, window etc, she loves to throw things out and watch how they fall. (What a curious kid I have..)

(She is throwing a pen down)

  • I load the washing machine in the morning with soiled clothes. Wait till she sleeps. (I don’t want her to see me power ‘operate’ these devices). I switch on the washing machine when the time is right. **TAN TAK TAN** comes an alarming sound. Shocked!. I switch off the power button. Open the door to find a sauce pan. (Her co-‘operation’ in loading :-D)
  • 3 missing tumblers, 5 missing spoons from the kitchen cabinet: Found in the dustbin.
  • 'Breaking' News: New jam bottle which was supposedly kept in a safe place found broken into pieces.
  • She squeals with delight and giggles at every opportunity, especially if caught  devotedly emptying and re-emptying the packets of powder/grains in the kitchen cabinet. After doing that, she walks all over them. Gotcha! Foot-prints of my li'l monster. (check the picture below)
Kitchen Flour!

 Rice grains all over

                               This is the measure we have taken to counter her prowls!

She does something wrong, she sees me giving her fierce looks, she gives a big smile, runs to me, hugs, and plants sloppy, sticky kisses all over my face. How my heart melts. Awwww..

My fierceness ends there.. Hugs and Kisses! :)

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