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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No-No jobs

Bunni seems to have a real affinity for things that are either unhygienic or dangerous or both. Things that cause the word ‘No’ to come out of our mouth. And in her limited vocabulary the word ‘No’ translates to ‘ought to do’.

These are the few of her favorite things!

     All dustbins sustains numerous attacks every day. And if not caught in time, Bunni proceeds to empty them out and examine all the fantastic fillings, trying to decide which the best candidate to put into her mouth is.

     This has been one of her enduring passions. She has loved the landline phone for over 4 months now. Preferred mode of playing with this wonder of technology is to bang it on the floor…hard!

Drawers and Cupboards
     This sport involves pulling out drawers and cupboards; emptying their contents. It is dangerous if the drawer just comes over her head. Fun filled activity is throwing the materials arranged in the cupboard in all (not missing any) corners of the house. ( Imagine the plight of the person who has to put things in its place)

Shoes and slippers
     God forbid that any footwear is left casually lying around the house. The moment Bunni spies these delightful objects, she lets out a thunderous squeal and makes a beeline for them. It must be something to do with the exotic smells and flavours that emanate from them.

TV Remote and Cell-phones
She knows very well, which remote works on what device. The remote with a weak battery, which wasn’t working till now starts working when she picks that and aims at the TV, when you are witnessing a nail-biting finish of India-Pakistan match. (Now you curse yourself for thinking that the remote will not work ) Cell-phones can be distinguished easily by their ringtones, color and probably the taste!

And the word ‘No’ is twice-told as ‘No-No’ by her when she is on the way to do these jobs!
You want to take a thing away from her hand, she just runs!
Now I understand what being on the heels is.

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