Monday, December 19, 2011

The Latent Talent

We had to attend a friend's son's birthday party. We were dressing-up. As I kajal-ed myself, I shifted my focus on the mirror to the background. He looked 'So good!'. Before he caught me, I shifted back my focus. And..,

Me: That jacket looks awesome on you! Why don't you wear that often?
BH: (Smiling, as he combed his hair) I often wear ironed T-shirts. That is why.

That answer pissed me off!

At the social-gathering, after the cake-cutting formality, we had some free time before lunch. The party hall provided a mike and music system. What more does one need for the fun to start? We sat in the second row corner. A few elderly ladies started off singing some devotional songs. I buried my smart head into the phone. (Oops! did I use the adjective in the wrong place? ). Then, I heard a familiar voice which said "This is straight from my heart..." BH was holding the mike. I looked at an empty seat next to me (Now, you know that the adjective was certainly in the wrong place before!) He sang "Deewana hua baadal" a romantic song from Kashmir ki kali. My eyes 'moisturized themselves'. HE SANG SO WELL! I mean it.. His voice.. Hold on the breath.. Shook the ground below me! He looked eye-to-eye, I don't know why? I was feeling shy. :D I thought I liked public display of affection. But..

There was a roar of applause as he finished. I was proud of him. He never told me he could sing. He always made me sing over phone in our late night calls. Whenever, I asked him to sing he said that singing isn't his cup of tea. I was is no mood to put this under "You lied to me" category. 
Then, he got a phone call and he went out. Was it my turn to surprise him? ;)

I asked the organizers about the songs they had. I chose some songs with thumpy beats. The first song was "Yeh ishq haaye" from Jab We Met. The music started, so did rhythmic jingling of anklets. I thought, he should have come back in by now. My eyes were hunting high and low for him. And finally, he entered when the lines were "Poochona Poocho mujhe kya hua hai....". He did not know I could dance, and in front of a packed hall! He smiled. Walked up to the front stage, cross-folded his hands and watched. My heart was already racing like a horse because of the heavy steps of the dance, now it started skipping beats because of the "near" dear one.

The next was a Tamizh song. "Randakka Randakka" from Anniyan. I do not understand a single word in this song. But, the beats are heart (th)robbing. The introduction bit started, I danced like no one watched. People were shouting their heads-off. My ego boosted, the movements became even more smooth and flexible. I bent backwards in a beat, I saw BH dancing! Next, few seconds I danced like a cat-who-just-got-an-electric shock! But, I regained rhythm quickly. He did moon-walking ('o') Of all people, I never expected him to dance. Even if he danced, moon-walking? 
Amazingly, we matched our steps so well for the rest of the song, that I realized, I have a perfect dance partner too. (dunce me?).

To my horror! The last step, he took-off the jacket – in style and threw away. "All this style to reveal a creased shirt?? Face-Palm moment arrives!", I thought. Thankfully, he was wearing a wrinkle-free shirt :D He hugged me tight on stage! I was so damn happy about his shirt, I reciprocated.

As we descended off the stage, 
Me: You never told me you could dance
BH: But, I had told you that I would be with you in every "step" of life. And I just lived up to it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hither and Twitter

This is a peek into another window of my world - Twitter. Selected tweets. My favorites. I thought, you may like a few of them. 

  1. Lying to your girl friend? Two results are possible. You are excused Or Your ex-cussed.

  2. Love at first sight? Why not? If it is a big plot in a posh locality?
  1. No point in accusing someone of being biased. Every human being on this earth is bi-assed.
  2. What is 69? Inverted Kama?

  3. My husband and I exactly opposite in every-way possible! Even when it comes to love, He loves me, and I love him!

  4. Birth and Death are the only realities of life, All other incidents in-between are reel-ties.

  5. Seasons of earth changes because of revolution. Seasons at home changes because of rotation of wife's brain :P

  6. What is Loose motion? The condition in which waste disposal unit of the body disposes waste from both outlets in liquid state #Chemistry

  7. Girls Beware! One inch addition to your perfect figure, you may end up losing curves. 36-25-36 are perfect squares!

  8. Husband said you are my sweety pie.. I am wondering.. Can numbers be tasted? π (Pi) #Math #geeky

  9. How I wish I was a serial killer.. There wouldn't have been mindless emotional drama running over thousands of episodes.

  10. If Salman Khan is put in jail, the Khaidi number plate will be attached to his Chaddi! #Shirtless

  11. A board outside the house read 'No Parking in front of the gate. If you are a loud-speaker, read the first sentence by flipping letter P'

  12. Hope a spanner could fix all the loose, 'nuts'. #Pun

  13. An orthodox mother said to her daughter "Do not low-wear your standards by wearing revealing clothes. "

  14. My friend asked me, which day she should have sex to bear a baby boy. I said 'Son'day!

  15. Yearly nerd catches the book-worm :-D

  16. Most politicians will lose all their money when they bancorrupt #bankrupt

  17. Deciding to work out or not, is your life and your weigh ;)

  18. My cousin wanted to get a pencil from a stationery shop. I wonder, which shop moves from one place to another. (barring location shifts)

  19. Love hurts? Obviously! When you 'FALL' in love, what do you expect?

  20. How does one auto rickshaw driver help the other auto driver whose auto has run out of fuel?
    He 'Toe's the other auto. #Bangalore (only people who have seen such a situation can understand. I think.)

  21. Marriage stands if 'i mar rage' most of the time #Anagram

  22. Wear helmet or be ready for a 'hell meet'

  23. If you sit in an auto rickshaw, you are bound to receive an 'auto-prick-shock' caused by the protruding springs in the seat :D #Bangalore

  24. Hubby watching the cricket match, explains 'test matches are real 'test' of patience and endurance. And I think 'whose?
All the above tweets are copywrited to @spicy_words

You might have read one or two tweets. That is because, sometimes, when I comment on a post, that tweet-material would have flashed to me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter W

A guest post to bubbly Ashwini of Just The Way I like it. As a blogger, one can understand that she is a voracious reader, balanced and mature headed person. I find myself nodding the head saying "yeah.. Right" reading most of her write-ups. It was an honour to write for your blog Ashwini. Thank you :)

The below post is featured here

The 23rd letter of the English alphabet. Yes. The letter I do not like to see. A Plagiarist. A Copy-cat. Letter sans individuality. A Parasite.  Oh.. Am I calling names? Wait. Wait. Let me explain..
Now, go back to your phonetics and voice out "W". Loudly. Now, again. Loudly and Slowly. Did you say "double-u"? Supporters of W, try not using "Letter U" for voicing out "W". Does it have a unique sound? No. It does not. Let us come back to this later.

Analyze, how do people write "W", They write 2 'u's or 2 'v's together like conjoint twins.  it also depends on 'Letter V' for its survival? And talk of calling this letter out, DA-BAL-U Ufff! It takes 3 syllables! While all other letters in the alphabet take just one. Can anyone explain why we have given this special status to one letter?

Coming back to the phonetics, check out some words. We will now see if "W" can STAND ALONE
Who?  ----  Hu? (Bu.haw.haw. Now it needs "Letter H" also)
Went   ---- Vent?
Dew     ---- Due
Wrinkles  --- rinkles (Phew! DEAD...)
But, there are minority appeasers everywhere.
So, they reserved W for an important chemical element called Tungsten (where have you heard of this metal's name? Did the BULB on your head glow?) also known as wolfram. So, it occupies the famous periodic table also.

And then, they wanted people to think that "W" has bound the world to make it a global village. They were so desperate to do that, they made us write "w" 3 bloody times when we write a URL (imposition?)
Woman, War, Work, Wine - Crucial driving factors of the cycle of life and death in the planet from time immemorial. Still we chose to give them to an underserving "W", which is nothing but a pretender with no originality of its own. And arguably, the most important word in all of our lives "we" although pronounced V, was still given away to W. "V" did get a raw deal here.

I here by conclude the argument, that the english vorld should consider jettisoning the obsolete, vasteful letter "uu" and stop it from recking our lives by vilfully reaking havoc. And provide relief and compensation to other affected but more deserving letters of the alphabet.
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