Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clumsy Encounter

June 16th, 2006

We had a buddy group in our engineering college, like everyone who's been to college had. And we decided to watch a Hindi movie - "Krrish" on a Friday. There was a guy, whom I called "Anna"(for later references) who was (still is) very close. He messaged me and asked if he could bring along his chaddi-buddies to the movie. Since, I had heard some really interesting stories about his chaddi-buddies from him, I thought it would be good to meet them all. I messaged back. "Why not? Go ahead."

The show was at 2.30 PM, I wore white and white salwar kameez, strung a single strand of silken pearls around my neck, smeared lipstick, etched the eyeline with kohl and finally a white bindi.. I looked into the mirror and smiled "I love you. Mmmuuah!"
Sliding my feet into white, high-heeled sandals, got onto my chariot – Scooty pep! And zoomed off! It was 12.40 PM.

It rained all along the way. I was drenched when I reached the venue. I parked my chariot, swung my handbag onto my shoulder, removed the shades, opened the hair which was tucked up. The light breeze played my hair. I felt like I was walking through my dream. Friends waved from afar.

So, now after all the pleasantries were exchanged, it came to the introduction part of Anna's chaddi-buddies. He went on introducing, I greeted them and waved Hi with a wide, really wide smile. There was this guy, who did not even smile, just said "Hi" in a base voice, without a tinge of politeness! "Insult! What crappy attitude this guy has!" I thought and I was breathing fiery anger under my breath. I knew, this guy was Anna's best friend.

I ignored him completely later. We went into the theatre, we sat and started laughing out loud on some joke.. when I heard "Do you mind, if I sit here?" That same guy! "You know how to be nice also? Moron" I thought. Smiled grudgingly and said "No, I dont mind". He sat next to me, I ignored till he started laughing out loud to some comments passed. Though, I liked the hearty laughter, I was clouded by anger and revenge! Grrrr!

And finally when the movie got over, we dispersed. As Anna and his friends left, I found myself waving "Bye!" with a wide grinning smile again!!! And that guy just replied with a smirk. That moment I could imagine my ego banging its head and pulling out its hair out of frustration thinking - Why did I do this again? I did not know..

But, I knew one thing "I HATE HIM!" 

When the winds of change blew. Hate transformed to love. The actual revenge is now! Happening :-D 
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