Thursday, May 24, 2012

What laga diya

The conversations I have with my little one just make my day! She surprises me everyday. It is a two-way learning activity. Now, she can remember, relate and ask questions. The most feared "Why?" has not started yet. So, here are some snippets of my enlightenment.

As a regular routine, we were lighting the lamps and reciting shlokas in the evening, and..

Bunni: What is inside God Amma?
Me: mmmm.. A lot energy.
*Her eyes glowing*
Bunni: I drink Bournvita no? I eat all things you give no? Even I have a looooot of energy.

Did you know?  Bournvita is all it takes to become God.


We were travelling by car and it was raining, Bunni was carefully watching the wiper blades were wiping off the raindrops on the glass. Suddenly she exclaimed..

Car is shaving like Appa no?

Did you know? Car needs a shave on a rainy day?

In a family get-together lunch, they served "Aloo BonDa" otherwise called "Batata Wada",
It was hot and crispy,
Me: Taste it Bunni.. You will like it.
Bunni: No.. I don't want.
Me: Okay. See.. How Amma eats and enjoys..
Bunni: Amma.. Slowly.. There is no urgency.. No one will take that away from you.. Remove the peel and then eat.

Did you know? The mouth I opened to have a bite, remained open as I was awestruck by that dialogue. Have you tried eating an "Aloo BonDa" or Batata Wada without the peel? :D


We had been to our village to attend cousin's wedding. Uncles have cows and buffalos at home. Bunni was excited very much about the animals in proximity.
One evening she sat watching my uncle milking the cow and she started crying.

Uncle: What hapenned? Why are you crying?
Bunni: Give the milk back to the cow.
Uncle: It has given for us dear.
Bunni: No! You took it. It did not give. You did not even ask its permission before you took.

She started crying loudly. I had to take her to a different place to divert her from the topic.

Did you know? You should ask the cow's permission before milking?
I was asking her the meaning of lights on the traffic signal..
Me: Red means?
Bunni: Stop <with action>
Me: Amber means?
Bunni: Get ready
Me: Green means?
Bunni: <runs> Gooooo..
Comes back running to me and asks
What does the head-light color in front of the car mean?

If you know. Please let me know :D

With just "Whats", Watt lagaa deti hai yaar! :D

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