Monday, June 20, 2011


My hubby’s cousin and family had come down from UAE. The family included my hubby’s cousin and two children. We had been to the airport to pick him up. On the way back I engaged a 4 year boy in the conversation. Here is a piece. (I should rather call a master-piece)

What is who?
Putta: is the 4 year kid. This is a nick name used in kannada to address a small boy.
Atte: is maama’s wife.
Maama: is maama :-D
Taata: any elderly man


Scene 1:

The kid was extraordinarily intelligent. His level of conversation had already illustrated that. I thought, “Let me kindle him”

Me: Putta... that is a bike! (I showed him a scooter)
Kid: Hmmm... What is that? (He was showing an auto)
Me: That is a bus.
Kid: Hmmm...
A bike zoomed by
Kid: Atte.. See.. the lorry is crossing speed limits!
Me: <Mouth zipped shut! >
Scene 2:

He saw a direction sign board. He turned towards me, patted my chin and asked.
“Atte… Look at that sign board, it shows upwards direction to go to a place; we will go to heaven like taata if we go up. Isn’t it?”

:-D Though, I laughed, I explained the reason to him. He did appear to be convinced.

Scene 3:

One of the tyres ran flat, so hubby changed that in 10 minutes (yusss yusss with my help) we resumed the drive.

Kid: We could not face any problem because you had one backup wheel for the car, isn’t it maama?
BH: Yes
Kid: Atte helped you while putting back the tyre.
BH: Yes. I did thank her in front of you.
Kid: Yes. But, What if atte dies? You also should have back up no? (Why didn’t he think about me? Boys are boys :D)
BH: I don’t have permission boss! ( Winking at me )

Scene 4:
On reaching home,
He suggested my ‘toothless’ grand-mother (who had come home to visit me) to drink horlicks. It seems she will get her teeth back!

Now you know, who got kindled?
Update: I haven't got enough time with the permission seeker!  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Standing at the door

Standing at the door, I wait for you...
The wind blew off the charm of the face..
The clouds were moving at a slower pace.

I saw through the clouds, I found no messages.
Birds flying back home without singing their song.
Masked is the dusk, gone is the dawn

My eyes are still on the road,
They just changed to moist mode.
While the hope still remains
Memories of broken promises pains.

I am standing at the door waiting for you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuskers 'in charge'

 Place - Mysore, Karnataka. 
Time: 5.30 AM round-about. 
June- 08-2011

The traditional City, Mysore woke up with people taking morning walks, buying newspaper/milk. And what they saw! The scenes like these!

People tried alerting the forest officials. But, the run-riot had already begun. This behavior of elephants is totally bizarre! they do not enter cities usually. The skirmishes with the humans in the elephant corridor are quite common. But why did they come into the city where they do not find any food to eat? Were they enraged because they were chased off by the farmers? God only knows!

One of the elephants encountered a cow tied to pole on its way. It started charging at it violently. Poor cow was tied to its destiny. 

Cow fought valiantly. Each time it was rammed by the tusker, it gathered on its feet. Till the final blow came when the tusker pierced it's body. It fell. People who were witnessing the scene were whistling, making sounds, clapping etc. probably to divert the elephant. It only maddened the elephant. 

For people, it was just pell-mell. 

The younger tusker went deeper into the city. Where people would not have expected an elephant (of all the animals) on the streets. There stood an innocent security guard who was watching this elephant with amusement( like many other people ). I really
wonder what went wrong, the elephant just ran into him, threw him on the ground, pierced him. 

Many attempts of people to divert, did not work again. 

I can quite possibly understand, if a mahout is killed by an elephant because he might have ill-treated the elephant sometime.
But, what did this security guard do? What about the Cow?
The person who had tied the cow to the pole must be feeling miserable at its gory fate.
Later the elephants were tranquilized and left in the forest.

As I saw in today's news paper, the headlines says "1 man killed" and the cow's death takes a corner. That is the respect we have for the animals!

In the same light, I remembered an incident. This happened when we went to a wild-life safari in a jeep. On a rainy morning, we spotted a herd of elephants. This herd had 2 baby elephants and 4 adults.

                                                              <Image from the internet.>

Our idiotic driver wanted to make the elephants charge at the jeep. He deemed it to be a  thrilling experience. He was honking like crazy, and accelerating with the brakes pressed just to irritate the elephants. Yes. They were scared. They ran into the forest trumpeting, choosing to go away from us.

But, what if the elephants had really charged?
1) There was only one route, backwards into the sloppy, muddy roads. The only way to go was in the reverse gear. If we had got stuck (high possibility) no one would have survived. Let me remind you, there were 4 adult elephants.
2) Elephants are even more dangerous when they have calves with them. They are very very protective and can get easily infuriated.

That day, we were really lucky to have escaped.

In case, you are chased by an elephant. What can you do?
a) If a man chooses to run, one should remember that elephants can easily outrun a man. The only way to escape can be, to run in a zig-zag path. The path traced should be zig-zag for the elephant not for the man. :D It takes time for the elephant to shift weight from one direction to another.  

b) If one decides to hide, one has to make sure that the wind direction is not towards the elephant. Because elephants can smell people out.

Respect animals, Save wild life. Sad when such incident happen. Man v/s Wild :(

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learn from the Burn

Knowing the way things are now,

She has learnt and she knows how..

To keep the cry and feel the pain,

And float away with the breeze, to remain sane.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A tranquil weekend in Yercaud

If you looking for a tranquil weekend getaway from Bengaluru - It should be Yercaud!
1) It is not too far from Bangalore (200kms)
2) It has salubrious climate.
3) Not too crowded ( that is what we derived out of our research)

As you stride the gradient of the Yercaud hill, you can see a lot of mines. It is apparent from the mines that Yercaud has a plenty of Bauxite resources. (I thought, how I wish my handsome teacher brought me here for the 'chemistry' lessons. :P Ok ok.. Hubby.. Don't bang me! Was just kidding.. )

First we went to the Sheveroy temple. (Shubhaaramba??)
Sheveroy temple: looks unexciting from outside but, this has a cave inside. (Now, don't tell me it isn't exciting. It was thrilling for me..) One should almost get on his/her fours when they go inside the cave. It is said that the same cave has another opening at Coorg, Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Kaveriamma.   (I somehow likes caves, my ancestors calling huh?)

Lake: There is a beautiful natural lake, right in the middle of the hill-station. (Wondering.. Why all hill stations should have one lake at least?). We opted a romantic pedal boat, it was fun. This place was so scenic.

Diagonally opposite to the lake, there is a well maintained park which is called - The Anna Park. Took a walk in park. Once you come outside, there are a lot of junk stalls. We ate bajji's, roasted corn on cobs with spicy chutney. Yummy! (Walk for the health and Hog when the heart melts..)

View Points: There are many view points. Out of which I would vote for the Pagoda point, Lady's Seat, Gents Seat. The view of the ranges, the vegetation and the Salem  city is just aaawesome.
Sunset view from the Pagoda point is MUST SEE.

There is a well maintained botanical garden. SERENITY and BEAUTY!

I should mention that there was a water-fall as well. But, we were advised not to go there with family since safety was a matter of concern. So, we did not venture out to that place.

Where to stay? 
There are many lodges and resorts. With the increasing hunger for the weekend get-aways to a hill-station. It may be necessary to book before you visit the place.

How to reach?
If you own a car, then it is a pleasure to drive on the 4-lane road. Otherwise, there are an umpteen number of buses which will get you there. Aftermath,you can hire a local transport to go around the places in Yercaud.

How much does it cost?  T
hings are not over priced. Moderate, I would say.

There is a scarcity for vegetarian hotels. People who relish non-vegetarian food, you can feast.

You may want to carry 
1) Warm clothing in winter. Otherwise, it is cool.
2) A hat and sun-glasses in summer.

Do not compare this place to any other hill-station. It has it's own beauty. Enjoy what it offers. What does this place offer? A peaceful weekend for yourself in a hill station.

I loved this place. If you like spending hectic weekend, this is not a place.
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