Monday, December 19, 2011

The Latent Talent

We had to attend a friend's son's birthday party. We were dressing-up. As I kajal-ed myself, I shifted my focus on the mirror to the background. He looked 'So good!'. Before he caught me, I shifted back my focus. And..,

Me: That jacket looks awesome on you! Why don't you wear that often?
BH: (Smiling, as he combed his hair) I often wear ironed T-shirts. That is why.

That answer pissed me off!

At the social-gathering, after the cake-cutting formality, we had some free time before lunch. The party hall provided a mike and music system. What more does one need for the fun to start? We sat in the second row corner. A few elderly ladies started off singing some devotional songs. I buried my smart head into the phone. (Oops! did I use the adjective in the wrong place? ). Then, I heard a familiar voice which said "This is straight from my heart..." BH was holding the mike. I looked at an empty seat next to me (Now, you know that the adjective was certainly in the wrong place before!) He sang "Deewana hua baadal" a romantic song from Kashmir ki kali. My eyes 'moisturized themselves'. HE SANG SO WELL! I mean it.. His voice.. Hold on the breath.. Shook the ground below me! He looked eye-to-eye, I don't know why? I was feeling shy. :D I thought I liked public display of affection. But..

There was a roar of applause as he finished. I was proud of him. He never told me he could sing. He always made me sing over phone in our late night calls. Whenever, I asked him to sing he said that singing isn't his cup of tea. I was is no mood to put this under "You lied to me" category. 
Then, he got a phone call and he went out. Was it my turn to surprise him? ;)

I asked the organizers about the songs they had. I chose some songs with thumpy beats. The first song was "Yeh ishq haaye" from Jab We Met. The music started, so did rhythmic jingling of anklets. I thought, he should have come back in by now. My eyes were hunting high and low for him. And finally, he entered when the lines were "Poochona Poocho mujhe kya hua hai....". He did not know I could dance, and in front of a packed hall! He smiled. Walked up to the front stage, cross-folded his hands and watched. My heart was already racing like a horse because of the heavy steps of the dance, now it started skipping beats because of the "near" dear one.

The next was a Tamizh song. "Randakka Randakka" from Anniyan. I do not understand a single word in this song. But, the beats are heart (th)robbing. The introduction bit started, I danced like no one watched. People were shouting their heads-off. My ego boosted, the movements became even more smooth and flexible. I bent backwards in a beat, I saw BH dancing! Next, few seconds I danced like a cat-who-just-got-an-electric shock! But, I regained rhythm quickly. He did moon-walking ('o') Of all people, I never expected him to dance. Even if he danced, moon-walking? 
Amazingly, we matched our steps so well for the rest of the song, that I realized, I have a perfect dance partner too. (dunce me?).

To my horror! The last step, he took-off the jacket – in style and threw away. "All this style to reveal a creased shirt?? Face-Palm moment arrives!", I thought. Thankfully, he was wearing a wrinkle-free shirt :D He hugged me tight on stage! I was so damn happy about his shirt, I reciprocated.

As we descended off the stage, 
Me: You never told me you could dance
BH: But, I had told you that I would be with you in every "step" of life. And I just lived up to it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hither and Twitter

This is a peek into another window of my world - Twitter. Selected tweets. My favorites. I thought, you may like a few of them. 

  1. Lying to your girl friend? Two results are possible. You are excused Or Your ex-cussed.

  2. Love at first sight? Why not? If it is a big plot in a posh locality?
  1. No point in accusing someone of being biased. Every human being on this earth is bi-assed.
  2. What is 69? Inverted Kama?

  3. My husband and I exactly opposite in every-way possible! Even when it comes to love, He loves me, and I love him!

  4. Birth and Death are the only realities of life, All other incidents in-between are reel-ties.

  5. Seasons of earth changes because of revolution. Seasons at home changes because of rotation of wife's brain :P

  6. What is Loose motion? The condition in which waste disposal unit of the body disposes waste from both outlets in liquid state #Chemistry

  7. Girls Beware! One inch addition to your perfect figure, you may end up losing curves. 36-25-36 are perfect squares!

  8. Husband said you are my sweety pie.. I am wondering.. Can numbers be tasted? π (Pi) #Math #geeky

  9. How I wish I was a serial killer.. There wouldn't have been mindless emotional drama running over thousands of episodes.

  10. If Salman Khan is put in jail, the Khaidi number plate will be attached to his Chaddi! #Shirtless

  11. A board outside the house read 'No Parking in front of the gate. If you are a loud-speaker, read the first sentence by flipping letter P'

  12. Hope a spanner could fix all the loose, 'nuts'. #Pun

  13. An orthodox mother said to her daughter "Do not low-wear your standards by wearing revealing clothes. "

  14. My friend asked me, which day she should have sex to bear a baby boy. I said 'Son'day!

  15. Yearly nerd catches the book-worm :-D

  16. Most politicians will lose all their money when they bancorrupt #bankrupt

  17. Deciding to work out or not, is your life and your weigh ;)

  18. My cousin wanted to get a pencil from a stationery shop. I wonder, which shop moves from one place to another. (barring location shifts)

  19. Love hurts? Obviously! When you 'FALL' in love, what do you expect?

  20. How does one auto rickshaw driver help the other auto driver whose auto has run out of fuel?
    He 'Toe's the other auto. #Bangalore (only people who have seen such a situation can understand. I think.)

  21. Marriage stands if 'i mar rage' most of the time #Anagram

  22. Wear helmet or be ready for a 'hell meet'

  23. If you sit in an auto rickshaw, you are bound to receive an 'auto-prick-shock' caused by the protruding springs in the seat :D #Bangalore

  24. Hubby watching the cricket match, explains 'test matches are real 'test' of patience and endurance. And I think 'whose?
All the above tweets are copywrited to @spicy_words

You might have read one or two tweets. That is because, sometimes, when I comment on a post, that tweet-material would have flashed to me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter W

A guest post to bubbly Ashwini of Just The Way I like it. As a blogger, one can understand that she is a voracious reader, balanced and mature headed person. I find myself nodding the head saying "yeah.. Right" reading most of her write-ups. It was an honour to write for your blog Ashwini. Thank you :)

The below post is featured here

The 23rd letter of the English alphabet. Yes. The letter I do not like to see. A Plagiarist. A Copy-cat. Letter sans individuality. A Parasite.  Oh.. Am I calling names? Wait. Wait. Let me explain..
Now, go back to your phonetics and voice out "W". Loudly. Now, again. Loudly and Slowly. Did you say "double-u"? Supporters of W, try not using "Letter U" for voicing out "W". Does it have a unique sound? No. It does not. Let us come back to this later.

Analyze, how do people write "W", They write 2 'u's or 2 'v's together like conjoint twins.  it also depends on 'Letter V' for its survival? And talk of calling this letter out, DA-BAL-U Ufff! It takes 3 syllables! While all other letters in the alphabet take just one. Can anyone explain why we have given this special status to one letter?

Coming back to the phonetics, check out some words. We will now see if "W" can STAND ALONE
Who?  ----  Hu? (Bu.haw.haw. Now it needs "Letter H" also)
Went   ---- Vent?
Dew     ---- Due
Wrinkles  --- rinkles (Phew! DEAD...)
But, there are minority appeasers everywhere.
So, they reserved W for an important chemical element called Tungsten (where have you heard of this metal's name? Did the BULB on your head glow?) also known as wolfram. So, it occupies the famous periodic table also.

And then, they wanted people to think that "W" has bound the world to make it a global village. They were so desperate to do that, they made us write "w" 3 bloody times when we write a URL (imposition?)
Woman, War, Work, Wine - Crucial driving factors of the cycle of life and death in the planet from time immemorial. Still we chose to give them to an underserving "W", which is nothing but a pretender with no originality of its own. And arguably, the most important word in all of our lives "we" although pronounced V, was still given away to W. "V" did get a raw deal here.

I here by conclude the argument, that the english vorld should consider jettisoning the obsolete, vasteful letter "uu" and stop it from recking our lives by vilfully reaking havoc. And provide relief and compensation to other affected but more deserving letters of the alphabet.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Does Life Change After Marriage?

Hell! YES! (I did not mean it changes to hell) I always ask back a rhetorical question. Is there any 'time' in your life which has not changed? 

Here, I consider marriage as living a life with a person under one roof . Some enter marriage with rose-colored glasses and some with yellow-colored glasses. Such colors prevent us appreciating the natural colors of married life. 

No phase of life is a bed of roses. I am not here to paint a beautiful picture. As I understand life, I would vouch for my childhood being the best part of life. But, come to think of it, there were problems, fights, issues which were BIG THEN. If those problems and fights looks small now, don't you think we are doing the mistake of using wrong scale of measurement? I have grown up, so have the problems. Simple. Isn't it funny to expect the problems to remain small as we grow-up into adults?

BH is an aquarian. Highly unpredictable by nature. So, I did not have any expectations from him before or after. But there were certain things which I had to make a mental note of, once I started actually living with him.

1. How many ever times you meet a person before marriage, you do not know the person fully. Because, when you meet your beloved for a few hours, we try make that 'happy-time'. I do not call that pretense. (natural behavior to avoid pre-tensions). After marriage, you get to see the real people. So, there will be many bitter-sweet occasions. 

2. There maybe many irritating habits (irritating to YOU) which you might not have not noticed, like snoring like a bear, wearing not-so-soiled clothes, drinking bed-coffee without brushing teeth etc. etc. You may feel that you cannot tolerate, but slowly mind starts accepting the person along with manufacturing defects.

3. No frequent telephone calls, sms-es, lesser kuchhie-mucchiee conversations DOES NOT mean that "you are taken for granted". It just means now your beloved has the privilege to be himself/herself. And that is a luxury! Accept him or her that way.

4. There WILL be fights and arguments. There has to be. Two different people, different ideas, different thoughts, different way of looking at things will end up having an argument sooner or later. But, as long as you do not get vindictive it is good. Arguing objectively will solve the current problem and deepen the understanding. Let the past ghosts remain in the haunted houses. 

5. If you think you-two will be "two-body-one-soul", I am sorry to disappoint you, it will not be so. It is a fancy idea to think so. But, later at some point in time you will realize you have lost yourself trying to believe this thought. Couple should complement one another. Differ yet prefer. Celebrate the differences.

Change is eternal. Such things make life unpredictable, exciting and challenging. Let us face it rather than cribbing about "How life changed after marriage :("

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dharma and Karma

Two incidents on twitter made me write this post here.

Incident 1

It was 12.37 AM in the night, BH read a tweet and said "Sh*t! Someone is in great pain and trouble. Lets see how we can help out and ran out of the room." He looked concerned. I ensured Bunni is in deep sleep and closed the door behind me to understand what the matter was. BH showed me these tweets.
He looked for highway police-station numbers in Rajkot, many other police stations numbers in Rajkot. None of the numbers on the net were CORRECT! Damn! While there were other tweeples who were skeptical about this incident. There were many tweets going around. Like why is he trying to reach people on twitter instead of calling family and friends? How is he tweeting with that kind-of injury etc. etc.

BH cared about none. He tried reaching out to people who were into media, he thought that would garner some help. While few people on his time-line said, that it is a fake-accident and you  are wasting time, energy and sleep by thinking of helping him. BH said "We should not miss wood for trees. What if he really needs some help? If he is faking, it is his karma. I will do what I can, that is dharma." I nodded. 
By that time, we saw more tweets on the timeline of the victim.
"Ah. Someone helps. I could not have slept on such things. Come lets sleep." 

We slept. Next day, he completely forgot. I kept track of this incident. There was a person who believed this was a fake accident. He worked day and night to find out a few things. And tweets from Ramesh Solanki, Mumbai Secretary, and Gujarat Rajya Sampark Pramukh BVS/SHIVSENA cleared much of the doubts. Here is the snap shot.
I was shocked! Why would someone raise such false alarms?  Just for some attention? Followers? (Ofcourse, his follower count raised from 93 to 270 during that incident.) But, I really wanted to believe that the world is naive. 

Many people including BH had called 100 and 108 to reach out to this "supposed" victim. Complaint has been lodged to the cyber police with some proofs and official reports by a person on Twitter. I told BH the whole story when he came back.

BH: As he sows, so shall he reap. Why bother?
Me: Will you help someone like this again after knowing this? 
BH: Yes. Certainly. There are 100s of requests for blood. I RT (Retweet - Twitter lingo - a form of sharing in twitter.) them faithfully, if mine does not match. I have known people personally who have really wanted help. So, I will do my bit by sharing. What happens next, is left to their destiny.

So, this matter did end. For us at least. 

Incident 2

18 year old high school student Ashley Billasano tweeted 144 times, in the span of 6 hours before commiting suicide. She had 500 followers! NONE took her seriously?! I do not know the handle of the girl, to paste the tweets. I read this article online. You can read it here
Why did nobody help her? If people like Sachin raise false SOS calls. Many would ignore such tweets. Probably. 

In the ending note, world is a curious mixture of people. So, difficult to take a call on social responsibilities.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


We recently moved to Aamchi Pune from Namma Bengaluru. So, setting-up a new home and settling down kept me away from the blogger world for quite a long time. Please excuse me if I have missed reading your posts or commenting. 

I joined BH who was in Pune from a month, on Thursday with Bunni. The task of making a home from a house began immediately. There was a socket near the dining area whose CFL had burnt out. We had a spare CFL. I asked BH to fix that for me. He said "I'll take care of it during the weekend. You don't worry"

Saturday: After many subtle reminders, brazen hints and hard-to-miss cues the job was not done by the procrastinator (read here)
Sunday: I fixed the CFL. 

He is such a calm and composed person, evoking reaction from him would be a real-time achievement for me. I thought, "Let me make this BIG" *wink*

How I changed the CFL? BU.HA.HA.
He remained glued to the laptop. The ladder stood proudly in proximity to the changing point, still I dragged the metallic ladder by its leg till the room he was in, with kRRRRR... screeeeeeech noises and then back to the point.
AND THEN...............
Every other sentence I used that day, I made sure I conveyed the message that I did HIS work. For that, I had to use a mix of creative juices with shots of sarcasm.

2.00 PM - during lunch
BH: (munching away)I'd do anything for a wife who cooks such luscious rasam and curry with hot-soft rice, it is heavenly.
Me: Good. Your wife couldn't have got the appropriate ingredients in the masala if the CFL that "I" (stressed) changed hadn't helped.

4.30 PM - after snacks
BH: I think we should call a plumber soon. The water-pressure in the tap is very low. 
Me: Ah.. Now I know.. That stupid CFL was not lighting up because electricity for that point was not generated due to the low-water pressure?!

5.45 PM - Watching TV
BH: XYZ mutual fund looks a good bet for investment this month. The NAV is expected to rise steeply.
Me: There is another company ABC which manufactures the CFL I changed this afternoon. Stocks of that company are also expected to see a rise in value.

At the end of all these conversations, I looked like a cat that swallowed a canary and he looked like a bird from "angry birds". A silent angry bird I should say. But, I was hungry for more. I had not got any verbal reaction from his side.

Finally at 9.15 PM - Reading newspaper
Talking about some teenagers love story which appeared in the news paper,
BH:  .....and she fell for him..
Me: Whaaat? C F elL for him also?
BH: THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

He rolled the news paper to hit me. I ran giggling away as he chased me till I almost closed the door behind me. He caught me, threw the newspaper down and tickled the hell out of me. GOSH!! I was laughing like a jackass!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prenatal Yoga

When I got to know about a contest in Women's Web on Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy, I decided to plunge in. Writing about that delightful chapter of my life is a gratification by itself.

That unfortunate moment you announce your pregnancy to the world, monsoon sets in for the next few months for the mom-soon (person who will moan-soon). Why? It will be raining with wanted/unwanted information, advices and suggestions from ….ahh probably you cannot guess that. (Advices have come in public places as well!) I would use smile-and-nod umbrella. 

The ante-natal class I attended with BH helped me get complete information on the journey to create life. The obstetrician and her team conducted this class for us. Many mis’conception’s  about pregnancy were wiped-off. One important factor which helped me physically, emotionally and mentally was YOGA!

Healthy body, mind and attitude of the mother are critical for the growth and development of the baby. Yoga helped me achieve all these with ease. The first thing that registered in the mind was ‘Pregnancy is not a disease; it is the time to say Cheeese!’  I resolved to give the best I could do, for my baby to develop and grow in my-own-cocoon.

o        9 whole months of pregnancy is all about wait and weight. (Don’t you think so?)
o       I did not gain more weight than required.
Image: 123rf
o        The asanas helped me keep myself flexible, and tone up my reproductive muscles to put up with the stretch and changes (The uterus grows almost 500–1,000 times its normal size – ouch! Other organs, bones and muscles need to accommodate the change right?)
o        Some exercises did help me loosen the pelvic floor muscles which was supposed to mitigate the pain during the labor.(read here(if that pain was LESS!)
o        Asanas were the astras (weapons) I used to beat the common discomforts like backache, swollen legs, calf-muscle cramps, gastritis and many more. 

Image: DepositPhotos
o       In this go-go-go world, when worries, tensions, apprehensions are so common. Meditation was a real stress-buster.
o       Breathing techniques helped me during the labor to concentrate on the rolling out the red carpet for my baby rather than the pain (*Inner voice* ‘Big deal!, She rolled on a  red carpet like thing inside too’.) 

o        I have read some where that, excruciating labour pain is akin to 40 fractures on a single spot, at the same time. The most important preparatory factor in facing up to this pain is ‘Inner-Peace’, which is bolstered by meditation and yoga. (Yoga to bear pain? Did you remember Yogi Bear-cartoon? Meee too.. :P)
Image: RealBollywood
o       It is a huge reprieve from fear and anxiety that we face during pregnancy.

My two cents finally (or four I should say)

o       Say yes to Meditation, you may avoid Medication
o       Yoga during pregnancy? YO! Ga-Ga over it!
o       Don’t eat for two, it is too-much! (Remember the size of baby, rather its’ stomach)
o       Go to a professional trainer. Do not experiment yourself.

Yoga is indeed the 'passport' to healthy pregnancy, helps the baby to 'pass' through the 'port' without a hitch (*wink wink* )

PS: I believe being mother is just a ‘state of mind’ for any woman. Just physically bearing child does not make any woman complete.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

War of words

After a long time, it was one fateful day; I won the war-of-words with BH. He is extremely witty and hence funny most of the times. Winning the war-of-words with him is actually like winning a World level debate competition for me. And all happened on the same day!

Kissing the trophy and holding out the trophy in my hand, let me present you the 4 episodes which led me to the victory!

Step - 1
I was extremely upset with his joyful comment on a sensitive topic and then…

BH: Why do you take things seriously?
Me: I can’t be light hearted all the time.
BH: Oh yeah right.. Women after marriage become heavy, so does the heart..
Me: He he. Very funny
BH:  LOL.. LOL.. Even you agreed when you laughed. You should have laughed saying ‘She-She’ why did you choose ‘He-He’?
Me: That’s because the joke was bad!

And the next - 2
He stopped as he walked past the mirror, smiled and..

BH: Don’t you think you are very lucky? Whenever, I see my reflection I feel that.
Me: Ahh! Stop using my eyes as mirror. You will forget the whole world!

Ahh almost there - 3
Rarely does he brag. But, this was one of the rarest of the times..

BH: People like me wherever I go. Everyone in college knew me. I had female fan following also. People came to me; in fact they still come to me with their problems, I could solve their problem just like that.
Me: Ok. Ok. Cool. Sit down. Go back to your memories of third standard science lessons. The earth revolves round the sun, not you!

Final Blow - 4
Back from office, after a hectic day, both of us had missed out on the days’ happenings. We switched on the news channel to know the news. And after few minutes,

BH: This paid media! Never give the exact news, they give their opinions. All of them are biased!
Me:  Hmm.. I was just wondering.. Isn’t everyone bi-ass-ed?

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||SCREEN CLOSES|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

With ROARING Applause in the background, I humbly utter “Thank you, Thank you!” 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Damn Him!

I had to work late, so I stayed back at my parents’ place. It was 10 PM. The door bell screeched. Amma opened the door, a man in early 40s entered.

My face turned cold with the anger. His sight had fanned the dormant flame of ferocity. I stood there staring in his face! Bloody! He did not have the cheek to face me. My body language did lay a guilt trip on him. He lowered his head as he walked past me. (His head was so much bent that he might have licked the floor as he went)

A rush of memories came back to me.

We lived in a rented house. We were the only family who lived in the city. So, any soul from the family who visited the city would find an accommodation in our house.I was an eight year old girl. 

I came back home after playing cricket. (yes, you read that right)
Amma had gone out to bring provisions and vegetables. Then, a man in late twenties came home.A so-called relative. I used to hate this person. During earlier visits, he took me and my brother out to get us juice and chocolates. Then, he used to send my brother home and he tried holding (read touching) me in a wrong way. His grip was too strong for me. I used to shout, or find some other way to run away from him.

I was scared to tell this to my parents. What if they don’t believe me? I did not even know what his intentions were. (There was nothing like sex education then. It was a taboo.) I just knew that I was feeling uncomfortable. Whenever he found me alone, he asked so many questions of which I remember a few like “Do you know the part of my body which can turn hard with your help?” “Do you know why saree is removed in rape scenes?”
I did not know the answers to the questions then. I skedaddled literally.

That day, when he came I ran into the room; started reading some class notes. My brother was also coloring something in his drawing book. He came in, he said, he is the heaviest person there. Both of us ignored his comments. Then, he said he can prove it, he just put me down and fell on me. My brother was just 5 years old then, I don’t know what thoughts came into his mind, he just lifted a small iron chair and he hit on this man’s head! He cried in pain and ran into the bathroom. We both were shit scared, and we ran out of the house and landed in my neighbors’ (we thought he would die :D)
By the time my mother came, things were normal.

In the later days, I somehow managed to keep away from him.
After we moved into our own house, I rarely saw him. I did not attend any of the social gatherings which had a probability of him coming. Years rolled. He has two kids now. Girls!

Now, things make sense. I can comprehend his questions and intentions. I am sad, that I did not tell my parents then. But, I was really scared; of what? I don’t know. But, I am happy, that these incidents did not bear an impact on my innocent brain;to brand the whole male clan as sex-maniacs. I told Amma about the dirty man when I was in 15. She was extremely angry that I did not tell her at the right time.

After thoughts
I really wonder how many girls went through such abuses in mute helplessness. Now, that I have a daughter, I don’t know how and when I should start sex education. I really fret.

Some ideas which I can think of are,
1)      Train her on self defense.
2)      Tell her repeatedly that getting scared or acting like you are scared; is NOT girlish.   
3)      Tell her to keep distance when she talks to men. Not to encourage touch and talk.
4)      Encouraging her to share the most embarrassing moments also with you, may be then we can take them into confidence. (this did not work in my case)
5)      Never let your girl child alone with men (sans really trusted ones like her father)

What else can be done? What do you think I should do that dirty man?

Friday, September 16, 2011

The "Pro"crastinator

Sunday Evening.

I returned from my parents’ place where I had chosen to put my feet up and chill out.
As I stepped into the room, I was shocked to see a dull-colored hill of clothes lying all over the bed.

The mercury level in my brain shot up! My head turned into a pressure cooker, I turned around to see BH welcoming some guests at the door. ('aaj BH bach gaya' I thought)
Closed the door of the room, I did not want them to see what I saw.

Status: Like the cat hides its litter, I veiled the view of the hill.

Sunday Night

I did not want to clear the clothes this time. I wanted BH to clear the mess on the bed. I made some space on the bed, pushed the clothes to a ‘HIS’ side of bed and closed my eyes. He came, he cuddled, and he slept. We BOTH slept in ‘MY’ side of bed. (come on, It was not the moment to push him off. **Awww.. Those cuddles**)
Status: Now the hill had grown taller because the base area occupied was smaller.

Monday Morning

I decided I will voice it out.
Me: How long will these clothes lie unattended?
BH: Don’t start off on a Monday morning. (Typical ‘morning morning’ philosophy)
I zipped my mouth.

Status: His clothes, wet towel (yuck!!) added to the mighty mountain. (Hill -> mountain)

Thursday Evening

I thought, let me not nag, and let me lend a helping hand. He sat watching some sport on TV.
Me: Even I will help you; let us clear off the mess in the room now. Switch on your **Dhan Dhan** playlist on the computer. (Hard rock music is not of my taste, I feel someone is bombarding rocks on my head. By suggesting what he likes, I thought I am considerate enough)
BH: You don’t like to see me sit and relax. Do you? (A stare) I will clear that someday in this week.
Me: ‘Someday’ is not a day in any week!!
Then silence crept in. 
Status: The Mountain had grown bigger in girth and had risen few meters above sea level.

Saturday Evening

I don’t like nagging. But, when things don’t seem happening..
Me: Please, let us clear off the clothes today.
BH: I am tired. Had hectic work at office this week, this weekend has come as a blessing.
Me: I have read somewhere “Nothing is as fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task”
BH: Then, that is enlightenment. I don’t want to get more tired.

Status: The Mountain was almost touching the ceiling fan!!

I sorted the clothes and cleanly organized in his cupboard, put for a wash or sent it for pressing. It took me an hour. He came into the room after some time. He hugged. I expected a verbal admiration from him.(which I did not get)
I suddenly remembered, ‘We had to renew our car insurance. I think it is expired!’
He said ‘Don’t worry. The mountain isn’t over your head always’ *wink*

Post mortem of the incident made me understand him and others better.
  • Someone is hardwired to be procrastinator by nature, works only when the sufficient pressure is built.  
  • Putting off an unimportant task isn't essentially procrastination: it may just be good prioritization!
  • Someone may find a particular task unlikable. Hence, they avoid. Even if I tend to share the same feeling, may be we should work it out. Both of us should give-in alternatively.

Don’t tell me that you would do it ‘someday’:P

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