Monday, May 23, 2011

Scary Auto Experience

I left office; it was 6.30 in the evening. I had to take an auto to head back home. I usually do not take an auto in front of the office for the extra monetary demands.
So I walked unto a signal and stopped an empty auto and asked,
Me: ‘X’ place (devoid of the verbs)
He just nodded.

<image: From Google>
I got into the auto and just said ‘right’ or ‘left’ whenever needed. He must have thought that I am not a localite. As we stopped in a signal junction, he called someone; the conversation from the other side was pretty loud and hence audible. And I heard this. (AD = Auto Driver. )
AD: Yellidya? (Where are you?)
3rd Person: BTM. (Place in Bangalore)
AD: Naanu same jaga same place bartini. Inna 10 nimisha. (I’ll come to the same place, in 10 minutes. )
3rd Person: Yeshtide? (How many?)
AD: Ondu (One)

I smelt something shady in the tête-à-tête. I immediately searched for the driver information which will be put up in every auto. Strangely, he did not have. I searched for my phone. I did not have charge in my phone!!  By that time, we had already crossed the junction, we were almost in BTM.

He called that person again. And the conversation was,
AD: Inna 2 nimisha kano. ( In 2 minutes)
3rd Person: Siddha. (I am ready)

My heart was thumping inside. He had to take a right turn now! 
I shouted “Right”. 
He said “ Madam, Oil.. Oil..” (tried telling me that he has to buy oil for his auto)
I knew very well that there weren’t any shops in the route he was taking. Now, I knew for sure that I was in a grave danger. I had thousand thoughts in my mind criss-crossing. I saw the rear view mirror, there were some vehicles coming behind. He bent down to get a deodorant kind of bottle. I moved to my extreme left and just SHOT out of the moving auto! He had moved his hand vigorously to hit my head with that bottle, his hand just managed to pull off my ear-ring!

I gained control and started shouting ‘Kalla.. Kalla..’ (Robber, Robber) 
THANKFULLY!! Few cars and few two-wheelers stopped by and this auto fellow sped off into the dark. I was in a state of shock. People were asking so many questions. I was wobbly; so many things happened in a few seconds. I stood still. I was as cold as an ice. I remember uttering ‘I need to reach ‘X’ place’

Some family dropped me home. I was still not able to talk. I realized I had not noted down the number of the auto. No one else did probably.

Had I not understood the language, had I not been gallant enough, I would have probably been the newspaper headline the next day.

I learnt certain things the hard way. Please take care.
1) I did not do this, but you can pretend to talk on phone. Talk out loudly as to where you are. 

2) Note down the auto number and the name of the driver whenever you get into an auto. You never know when the information will be handy.
3) Carry a pepper spray! And keep that in an accessible location.
4) Learn local language friends. Please! I was damn lucky that day.. Not everyone is!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 Random FA(C)TS about MOI

As a new bee to the blogger community, I was glad when I was awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award" by Sakura. I accept it humbly and pass on the same to a few people whom I have been following with pleasure.

7 Random FA(C)TS about MOI

1) I am not scared of cockroaches, lizards or any other insects. I do not scream. [Yes, I don’t] I hold cockroach’s moustache [when it is alive and scuttling] and I throw it outside.[How I wish I could see the expression on your face now! :P]  I do not prefer killing any of them.

2) I don't like hair falling in my face. However short my hair is, I will clip it up. So, anytime you can find at least 3 clips and 2 hair bands in my bag. [Now, Guys.. you know one of the contents of the secret ladies hand bag.]

3) I love my home to be spotlessly clean. When I see dirty places, I get an urge to clean up mess all by myself. [Cheers to my amazing self control.. Else, Bangalore would have been so clean a place! :D ]

4) I do not have stage fear. I do not fear recognition. I am daring. [What do you think? I have a (st)rong heart? ]

5) I cannot stand bad breath or body odour or even stinky feet. I cannot hide my disgust either. [Because I will almost puke! :D]

6) I match my ear-rings to my dress. I own at least “xxx” sets of ear-rings.  [Street vendor says I am his lady luck.. He has turned into a luck-pati ever since I started buying..  Hubby dear.. Did you ask me yesterday about my zero balance in my salary account? :P ]

7) I do not have undying passion for anything. It is just that I am interested in something at some point in time, as time passes the interest fades. [“No No.. Do not read it as someone :P I am madly solely wholly in love with my husband before, now and in will be in future also”]


I take this opportunity to talk about the awardees (of what I know from their blogs) on this awarding ceremony! Order is just alphabetical.

Nishana - - Nishana, One of my first followers. This lady has love for her daughter like an ocean. She is a treasure. All her articles have so much love in it. For every article I read my expression will be "Awwww.. that's cute".. Nishana,, Your daughter is very lucky to have you as her mother. I would award for your stylish love for your daughter.. It is a great honour for me to award you.

Prashanth - - Dr. Prashanth, the writings of this person is so fresh. He is socially responsible person. Modest. Love the style of writing. Especially, his kannada writings are of editorial quality. Stylish indeed. Prashanth, hope you will accept the award. (Prashanth, I would like to know, what kind of doctor are you? )

Ramya - -  Ramya, I came across her blog recently. I read all her posts. They are just awesome. She will make dull things look bright. Bring life and energy into her writings. I do not leave her post without a smile on my face. For the smiles, and for the style of writing - You deserve this award Ramya.

Sharadha -  - I loved her blogs for the subtle humour. Her blogs are intellectually stimulating. Love the style of her writings. I enjoy her witty talks as well. (at office). It is a pleasure to award you BB. :)

 Sujatha - -
She is one super blogger. If you happen to see me when I reading your post, probably you will never miss my smile. All the posts in her blog make for some enjoyable reading. Her hold on the language is just extraordinary.  Love her style of mincing words. Sujatha, Hope you will accept the award.

OK people, if you did not know what is this award all about, even I did not know when I got. But, I googled the answer out and here it is,
If you are the recipient of the award

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. [ Not necessary friends, I chose you because you deserved]

2. Tell seven things about yourself. [I would love to know them]
3. Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to 15 recently discovered new bloggers. [I did not do this fully, It is up to you]
4. Contact everyone and let them know they've been awarded! [After I hit the publish post button, that is my next job]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Peppy Tweets During WC Finals

It was fun watching the Cricket world cup finals. It was even better with twitter. Following some witty tweeters! I was almost rolling on the floor and laughing, I have picked some tweets which I loved the most. ENJOY MADI!

(Check out his eyes! :D) 
@manuscrypts: Murali needs a pop up blocker for his eyes!

(Check out the PUN)
 @ouchmytoe: Samsya Gambhir Hai. Samadhan Bhi Gambhir hi hai.
(This was for the Deepika Padukone's Advertisement of Nescafe! :-D - which was telecasted mainly during the world cup matches)
@Rima_B: No deepika…u can not pull off a shakira by gyrating like a tallbuilding experiencing anearthquake
(People who watched the toss drama.. And saw/heard Sangakkara's shouts.. )
@sidvee: Dear Sanga. Stop appealing for things that aren’t out. This is not the toss

(Dedicated to Saif Ali Khan's Lo(ve)us(l)y voice..)
 @diogeneb: See some empty seats beside Saif. Understandable. Nobody can take a heavily nasal“Waaaaaw” every 5 seconds.

@shenoyn whatay louvely it would be if Mahela Jayawardhane’s wife is called Purusha Jayawardhane
(Dont "Leave" this! )
 @daddy_san Maybe Sachin should’ve undertaken the Art of Leaving course by Sri Sri Lanka

(srivats has his wits)
@rameshsrivats The Incredible Game. In High Definition. – Dhoni Bravia.

 ( At the time of World cup Finals, this song had reached saturation levels!  It was true for me at least... :P )
@AbithaAnandh: All of a sudden De ghuma ke is not irritating me anymore!

@Joydas:  Dear Jihadis, I had Once seen Malinga draw a cartoon of the prophet.

@fakingnews: Bowler with a habitat on his head has returned.

(Another Rajanikanth Joke!)
Sachin played so many years to win the world cup, Rajni watched the final and won the world cup  ”

 (After Bhajji Slapping  Sreesanth and there was a forward which showed Sreesanth crying, Remember?)
@AbVan:   ROFL! BHAJJI crying.. Sreesanth slapped?
(Congress Statement in the next day's newspaper)
: It is Rajiv Gandhi’s vision from 1985 that delivered the World Cup to India

@AshuMittal:  Sreesanth’s bad bowling spell is a lot like Sri Lanka’s anthem. Just when you think it’s about to end, it starts again

@mojorojo:  MS Dhoni. First time an MS product has delivered without crashing. Ever.

Monday, May 9, 2011


 Some incidents, add humor to the daily mundane life. Here are two such incidents in the recent past.  


Me: I am not able to sleep! (Phat!! Hit on my face on an attempt to kill a mosquito) I just can't understand why do mosquitoes always buzz near my ears?
BH: (Rolling over, and pulling the blanket off his face) Because only ear can HEAR and other parts of the body can't!
Me: (**Rolling Eyes** and Laughing) Oh ya..

Question to self: Why didn't I think of this simple fact before?


Me: When I was trying really hard to put the baby to sleep you were watching the BORING IPL match?
BH: Oh ya? I was helping you, once or twice a week, I won't do that also from now on. 
Me: If that dumb game is so important to you, Why did you marry?
BH: (Devilish Little Grin) Everyone makes mistakes.
Me: Huh?  Why the hell did you commit a mistake when you knew?
BH: (Devilish Wider Grin) Before marrying, how on earth will I know that it is a mistake?
Me: ?!!#??


Question to Self: We commit a mistake because we do not know that 'it IS a mistake'.Isn't it?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love Letter

I had written a love letter to my would-be (then - husband now) just before our engagement. I mustered up all the courage to pen a letter.( Girl making a first move is difficult you know..)
I bought a pink colored paper. ( I know, girlie type.. But, that color has something to do with the feeling of love) wrote these wordings in it, took a printout of his official address, pasted that on a brown envelope. (I had to do all these 'cover-ups' to give the post a look of some bank/financial statement. )

And there is one more special thing to share. With this letter, I was the first to use those '3 words'. (The most powerful words which  satisfies a person's deepest emotional  needs)

Honey Bunch!

Surprised? Yes. This is a love letter! I felt like saying a lot of things to you when we met last time. But, all my words were lost in the depth of your eyes, which made me fall for you. So, I choose this mode of communication.

Let me confess, I did not feel positive when I first met you. It was certainly not love at first sight. But, later without my knowledge the beautiful feeling just grew inside me. Now, the roots of the love for you have spread all over in my body as my blood vessels. :-P

From the day I started interacting with you, I found that someone whom I really care about, I found that special person who means more to me than anyone else in the world.

The things you told me, the dreams you showed me, the way you made me feel, I never heard of them before in any story or I saw them in any movie. The feeling is exceptional. You are so unique. You are the epitome of every quality I have ever looked for, in my special person. 

You could have been anywhere in the world with any girl; but, you picked me to be with you. I feel blessed. My life is at its best with you by my side. It feels like we are the best match that can ever be made and we had nothing to do with it. It just happened.

I always believed that the trick in life isn't getting what you want; it is in wanting it after you get it.
After all these years, I found you now; and I think probably, I would have missed you even if we had never met! (And how? My prince charming would have remained in my imaginations forever)

What else do you have in this letter? A Ice-Breaker!

With lots of Hugs and Kisses,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BH's support during pregnancy

This is an extract of the email I shared with my BH during my first trimester of pregnancy. Then, I had a roller coster of emotions due to hormonal changes. 5 word reply did the magic! I fell in love, all over again.
I should mention, all through my pregnancy journey he has been such a supporting husband! I love you so much dear.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 10:48 AM, SR <> wrote:
My BH,

               You might feel that I have become tetchy and cranky nowadays. I might have, I might not have. I don’t know. But, I feel like talking to you more nowadays. When I don’t get replies or opinions from you, I feel that you are not much bothered about what I am talking.
And I know that my thinking isn’t right.

I feel lonely amidst crowd. I get depressed for the smallest of things. I can’t express myself in front of anyone. Amma Appa or my brother might think I have become mentally weak or they may think that I have some other problem.
Over all these concerns, I feel insecure. I feel I will lose you. I feel I will not get the same attention after the baby comes out.
I feel like crying out loud at times, which I can’t do it. I feel very low.
I consciously try to be normal with you. I don’t know how I get into that mood again and again. I understand that you have lots of work at office; you have responsibilities as a son, and moreover you should be able to lead the life as you like.

I don’t know what is happening to me BH. I have gone nuts.

With lots of love and kisses,

From: BH []
Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2009 11:30 AM
To: SR
Subject: Re: Small Note

Relax Dear. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Forlorn Story and Grand History - HAMPI

Set in tune with rugged and rustic environs. Let your imagination free when you visit Hampi/Hampe – A heritage site of the royal Vijayanagar Empire which lies on the banks of Tungabhadra in Karnataka. This is also said to be ‘Kishkinda – Vaali’s Kingdom of Ramayana fame.

We boarded Hampi Express (6592) from Bangalore at 9PM. We reached Hampi by 7 AM.
We went around Hampi on the same day. 

We went to the famous Vijayavittala temple complex.. 

On the way to Vijayavittala temple complex -
Lined by market places, well laid roads and report which says that “anything from horses to gems was traded in Hampi", speaks of resounding economic affluence of the time.

Inside the Vijaya Vittala temple complex, one can spot the Stone Chariot. The Stone chariot is the most stunning sculptural achievement of the Vijayanagara period most stunning sculptural achievement of the Vijayanagara period. Probably the wheels moved on its axis, there are marks on the platform.

Then we proceeded towards the main temple of Hampi.

Virupaksha temple is the main temple which can be reached from the chariot street.  It dates back to early 9th century AD. There is a center pillared hall called 'Ranga Mantapa'. It is said that marriages were conducted here.
Ceiling are painted in natural colors.  

On the rear exit of the temple there is a dark chamber with a slit on the wall. The sun ray pass through this slit forms an inverted shadow of the gopura on the wall. Such efforts were made by the architects to please the emperor. 

This is the must see place in Hampi. The Royal Enclosure was the seat of power of the Vijayanagara empire until its fall. The remains of the ruins depict the life of the people belonging to royal family. There are granaries, public bath, King's Palace, Queen's Palace, Stables, Noble men quarters,King's Audience Hall and many more structures which will be difficult to enumerate.

This was the socializing place for the royal women folks. Women met in this place with prior appointment. This is a two storey building built in Indo-Islamic architecture again.

This structure is considered to be the elephant stable, built in the Indo-islamic style of architecture. These stables are connected to each other in the stair

The tallest structure in the royal enclosure is called the "Mahanavami Dibba". This impressive structure is made of granite huge blocks. I really wonder how they put those REAL BIG stones on the top. ( Aah.. Reminds me of the Pyramids. Have to agree that our ancestors were really smart.)
The Emperor watched the war games, sports, shows of the royal animals, musical performances etc., during Navaratri celebrations, Deepavali and such festivals. Probably, to mark the glory of these events, even today Mysore dasara hosts such events.
The view of the ruins of the structures from the Mahanavami Dibba is a heart-churning sight. The archaeologists have found some burnt wooden structures during excavations. Probably the royal empire used wood for their buildings. All the remains, boulders are silent witnesses for the glorious era.

Moghul invaders attacked the empire which reduced the city and the empire to ruins amid scenes of barbarous expurgation. "It took hundreds of elephants and thousands of horse carriages more than six months to carry the loot out of Hampi! Such were her possessions. A guide said.

The sun sets on the glory of the empire

Every stone, Every Boulder, Every Structure, Every Pillar, Every path, Every monument speak the same language -- The Forlorn Story and Grand Glory of the Empire.

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