Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prince Charming

Somewhere, beyond the horizon..
Lives a prince, who stands distinct in ten billion..
Who has the strength of a tiger..
And is clad in a silver shining armour..

His hypnotized eyes, His base tone,
His charisma, His intellect zone
will swipe the princess feet off the floor
he is the man of her dream, he is the man she adores.

He rides a white horse royally,
He will carry off the princess into the sunset silently,
to the beautiful castle atop a hill
Joy and Happiness will be dancing at their will.


  1. Super cute poem! Love it! :^)

  2. hey while reading this stuff u took me to the imagination of ur feel & expression very nice :)

  3. Prince has already taken the princess and I am reading the poem of princess.

    (Prince-Who has the strength of a tiger....well princess is no less them tigress)

    Mr. Anonymous
    From twitter


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