Monday, April 11, 2011

Bunni Funny Snaps


  1. Wonderful clicks and yes nice captions too..:)

  2. Thanks a lot Nishana :)
    Welcome to my space..

  3. My fav one is "Im the curtest, Amma the beautifulest and Appa the luckiest"! Have to agree with her!

    Your daughter is very cute!

  4. these are beautiful snaps with apt captions...wishing her all joys of life...thanks for visiting.

  5. nice combo of photos & captions. m sure she'll love it too once she grows up to read it. lots of love & work has gone into this & it shows ---- beautifully!!

  6. @Rekha: It is really nice to see you in my space. Hearty welcome. Thanks a lot for your comment, it is really precious

    @Sujatha: Thanks a lot Sujatha. Rightly said. Liked your comment :)

  7. i cant express my happiness after seeing all cute bunni images.....superb akka..and also captions for all pics r nice ..i liked that mosaru and politician one very much


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BUNNI: Manufactured Daughter.

APPA: Role-Model Father.

AMMA: Near and Dear Mother.

CHD: Partner in Crime. Brother.


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