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Pregnant Silence

Memories of first pregnancy.

10th June 2009: 6.30 PM Wednesday,

I had missed my periods. I felt, we had come to a new juncture of life. But, I had not informed BH about my missed period. I thought, let me confirm and give a big surprise.

I bought a pregnancy test kit. I read on the “Instructions manual” that the best time to take a pregnancy test is early morning. I just could not wait till the next day.

11th June 2009: 2.44 AM Thursday

Eyes wide open. I was too excited to sleep. My heart was hammering.


I could not wait anymore. I ran into the bathroom and took the test.
Bit by bit the second line started to show. (For people who do not understand what I mean, you can go here and come back). ‘Oh My GOD! Oh My GOD! I can’t believe this! I am so (to the power of infinity) happy! I want to shout out to the world’ thoughts were screaming with joy inside me. But, I wanted to give him a surprise. I ran up to the laptop, checked the due date.’ I just couldn’t believe!’ I was due on BH’s birthday! It was icing on the cake. I just had to hold my horses till the time was right.

7.45 AM.

We were getting ready for the office. I was keyed up. I wanted to tell him THE news. He would be so happy. I was plaiting my hair. He was searching something in the cupboard. And I started,

Me: What gift do you want for your next birthday?

BH: Urrrggh! You know the answer. You ask and get disappointed every time.

Me: L You don’t want anything? But, what will I do with the gift then? It is there already.

BH: It is there? Where?

Me:  Anyway, you are not interested. Why do you want to know? (Ahaa.. Now its my time)

BH: OK,  If you have bought it for me. You will give. I know that you cannot hold your   excitement for long. It will anyway come my way.
(Tapping on my head teasingly )

Me:  You have taken me for granted Mr. Poet.
(He smiled was about to go out of the room)

Me: (Hurriedly, I did not want him to leave) Now, what if I say your gift is in..
(I stopped )

BH: is in? Cut the chase dear. We are getting late.

Me: (I was expecting a romantic conversation.) in my tummy.
I finished the sentence without an expression on my face. I took the bag and walked towards the room door.
He stood where he was. I could see happiness glowing in his eyes. He held my hand.

BH: What? We should have left home a little earlier then. I don’t want to take you through that bumpy shortcut anymore. You will be late to office today. We are taking the longer and smoother road.

I was dazzled. I was not at all expecting this reaction. I wanted to shake him out of his sleepy calmness.

But, I knew, there was care, love in what he said. We walked out of the room. He put his arms across my shoulders as I descended the staircase. He said. “We will meet a gynecologist this weekend. Okay?”
I nodded.

'Love him to bits!' smiled my heart.


  1. lovely post
    thanks for permoting my post hope in future

  2. @Rachna : Memories and the feeling is really adorable Rachana.. :)

  3. @Santosh Bangar : Thank you. You had real good recipes. Liked them.

  4. Very Sweet...Congrats!
    First time here...loved ur writing:)

  5. @Hey Deepa, Welcome to my blog. I am glad you liked the post. :)

  6. aww!! thts so cute!! :) That must be the moment to cherish for a life time nah?

  7. you can become a great storyteller. The way you create excitement through your writing is envious. You take the reader through the ups and downs of a situation with smooth narration. It was so good that your happiness was felt in real terms by the reader. .

    Keep writing!!!

  8. awww.. that was super cute.. ^_^

  9. awww so cute.. I loved your way of expressing it.

  10. The way you wrote was excellent.. It took me to the day when my wife said to me that she is pregnant.. Thanks!!

  11. Nice experience sharing of your being a mother.

  12. Congratulations to the two of you.
    And as already said by many, a very well written post. :)


  13. sweeeeeeet !! Congartulations !

  14. Its one of the sweetest posts i have read.I am in a relationship with a great guy and i can only imagine how it would be to share this happiness.Thank you for painting a beautiful picture in front of me.Its my first time here,i guess i will keep coming back!!

    Congrats to the two of you!!!

    You can check my blog here,

  15. loved this piece manni! i could just feel the images forming in my head as i was reading..and i,being an absolute sucker for romance,could just not stop smiling for the next few hours!

  16. Hmmm...nice expressions..nice memeories Sahana....good writing...

  17. @Cindrella That was the moment I realized I had a LIFE inside me. My world just changed like that!
    Thanks for commenting Cindrella..

  18. @Neeraj Kumar Thanks a lot for those encouraging words! Means a lot to me.
    Learning through the life.

  19. @Arpit Rastogi That was a cute smiley Arpit.. :) The incident was very cute actually.. :)
    Thanks a lot for dropping a comment.

  20. @Farila Thank you Farila ji. I was lucky to be due on his birthday. But, she chose a week earlier to see the world. She did not want to share her birthday with her father..

  21. @Shameer Thank you Shameer! Am happy that you could remember that happy moment. We get a high on emotions! WOW! Welcome to my blog. Hope to see you here often.

  22. @Deguide It was a wonderful moment. Happiness has to be shared. Happiness shared is happiness multiplied.

  23. @jojofeelings Thanks a lot for your comment. Means a lot to me. :)

  24. @aame Thanks a lot. :) The feeling was ecstatic.

  25. @Nevin Thanks a lot Nevin! :) Lucky me.

  26. @Upasana Hey Upasana. What a beautiful name you have got. :) Glad to know that you are in a splendid relationship. You will surely enjoy every moment of life. Love is beautiful.
    Am glad that you enjoyed the post. Keep visiting. I will check your blog soon.

  27. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini Hey Ashwini! Thanks a lot! Experience was sweeter. Could not word the feelings. :)

  28. @Priya Prakash Hey Priya! :-D I had a smile on my face reading your comment. You know your bro well.. So, you can imagine those images even better. :)

  29. @ಗಿರೀಶ್.ಎಸ್ Thanks a lot Girish. :) Such memories gives us happiness for life.

  30. Great post. It's a wonderful feeling. This is just a beginning. You have much more wonderful things ahead! :)

  31. Sweetness personified :)
    Congrats and good luck :):)

  32. @Spicy SweetThank Spice sweet!!! I am almost a regular,love readin your series of pregnancy posts!! you write very well!! :-)

  33. @Upasana That is so sweet of you Upasana! Thanks a lot.. :) I liked your writing too.. ! I have reflected that.

  34. that was very well written and a cute one too...

    my best wishes,

  35. This was such an aww post. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  36. Awww. So cute. Good luck :) God bless you and the child.

  37. SWEET :) such posts make skeptics like me too think about getting married nd have kids :p

  38. So beautiful :-). An absolutely priceless moment in the life of a parent...

  39. @Samadrita What a beautiful name you have! Thanks a lot :) Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. :)

  40. @onthedayofcolours Ohh.. Thanks a lot for your comment and blessings :)

  41. @Vipul Grover Don't be skeptical.. Go get married. It is fun! :) Thanks for commenting and more importantly.. Welcome to my space..

  42. @Sri Long time since you visited. Yes, it was a priceless moment indeed!

  43. that's so sweet....the way you described the moment, made me imagine about how it would have felt...

  44. I am only 20 and I thought I should be a bachelor for life. Sigh :) Now I want to get married :)

    Wish you all the very best :)

  45. That was a really spicy and sweet capture :)..

    Also wanted to say you've been tagged:

  46. @briefcrackoflight

    :) Thanks a lot.. That moment was really special!

  47. @Abhishek Get married Abhishek! It is fun..

    Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment. Felt good. Really.

  48. @Aparna Thank you Aparna!

    Yippie!! I have been tagged I have been tagged!! I need time to think.. Dont untag me please...

  49. awwwww........ it brought a smile on my face..... a big one..... really loved it!!

  50. Awww....Choooo chweeet....loved it...

    made me smile.. :)

  51. @Sneha Sunny

    Let the curve of smile remain through out your life. Thanks a lot for sharing your smile. You did pass it over to me!

  52. @Gowthami Nandigala Thank you Gowthami. Your smile did reflect here. :)

  53. Very well written...your chirpiness is more than evident...the narrative is more than animated...almost like 3D writing ;):) god bless you and hubby...heres wishing you guys all the best...

  54. @India's no.1 blog Ha Ha! And your sense of humour is showing up.

    Welcome to the blog and thanks a lot for the comment. :)

  55. thats how it works in real life! a soft and beautiful moment :) glad u shared it here! :)

  56. Men: Sometimes we find it tough to put up with them. Sometimes we feel, Life is not worth living, without them :)
    You expressed it so well :)

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    Thank you very much
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