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Forlorn Story and Grand History - HAMPI

Set in tune with rugged and rustic environs. Let your imagination free when you visit Hampi/Hampe – A heritage site of the royal Vijayanagar Empire which lies on the banks of Tungabhadra in Karnataka. This is also said to be ‘Kishkinda – Vaali’s Kingdom of Ramayana fame.

We boarded Hampi Express (6592) from Bangalore at 9PM. We reached Hampi by 7 AM.
We went around Hampi on the same day. 

We went to the famous Vijayavittala temple complex.. 

On the way to Vijayavittala temple complex -
Lined by market places, well laid roads and report which says that “anything from horses to gems was traded in Hampi", speaks of resounding economic affluence of the time.

Inside the Vijaya Vittala temple complex, one can spot the Stone Chariot. The Stone chariot is the most stunning sculptural achievement of the Vijayanagara period most stunning sculptural achievement of the Vijayanagara period. Probably the wheels moved on its axis, there are marks on the platform.

Then we proceeded towards the main temple of Hampi.

Virupaksha temple is the main temple which can be reached from the chariot street.  It dates back to early 9th century AD. There is a center pillared hall called 'Ranga Mantapa'. It is said that marriages were conducted here.
Ceiling are painted in natural colors.  

On the rear exit of the temple there is a dark chamber with a slit on the wall. The sun ray pass through this slit forms an inverted shadow of the gopura on the wall. Such efforts were made by the architects to please the emperor. 

This is the must see place in Hampi. The Royal Enclosure was the seat of power of the Vijayanagara empire until its fall. The remains of the ruins depict the life of the people belonging to royal family. There are granaries, public bath, King's Palace, Queen's Palace, Stables, Noble men quarters,King's Audience Hall and many more structures which will be difficult to enumerate.

This was the socializing place for the royal women folks. Women met in this place with prior appointment. This is a two storey building built in Indo-Islamic architecture again.

This structure is considered to be the elephant stable, built in the Indo-islamic style of architecture. These stables are connected to each other in the stair

The tallest structure in the royal enclosure is called the "Mahanavami Dibba". This impressive structure is made of granite huge blocks. I really wonder how they put those REAL BIG stones on the top. ( Aah.. Reminds me of the Pyramids. Have to agree that our ancestors were really smart.)
The Emperor watched the war games, sports, shows of the royal animals, musical performances etc., during Navaratri celebrations, Deepavali and such festivals. Probably, to mark the glory of these events, even today Mysore dasara hosts such events.
The view of the ruins of the structures from the Mahanavami Dibba is a heart-churning sight. The archaeologists have found some burnt wooden structures during excavations. Probably the royal empire used wood for their buildings. All the remains, boulders are silent witnesses for the glorious era.

Moghul invaders attacked the empire which reduced the city and the empire to ruins amid scenes of barbarous expurgation. "It took hundreds of elephants and thousands of horse carriages more than six months to carry the loot out of Hampi! Such were her possessions. A guide said.

The sun sets on the glory of the empire

Every stone, Every Boulder, Every Structure, Every Pillar, Every path, Every monument speak the same language -- The Forlorn Story and Grand Glory of the Empire.


  1. Amazing write up with apt pics .

  2. Thanks a lot Dhiraj! Welcome to my space. :)

  3. Nice pictures.
    Hampi is one of my favorite places. Wish they would cleanup the town center area.

    Madhu (

  4. @Rajesh: Thanks a lot. :) Welcome to my space..
    @Ten Year: True. Wonder where does all the revenue go..

  5. neat, concise and informative! very beautifully illustrated too!

  6. @magiceye: Thanks a lot! :) The place is indeed beautiful.

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  8. there's never been a place i have loved so much, except, of course, home

  9. I agree, Home is heaven. :)
    Nice to know that from you Shafeeq. Welcome to my space. Thanks for commenting.

  10. The world's best diamonds were trade in the hampi bazaar, alas the empire crumbled so did the trading post.

  11. @Deguide: YES! I have read that too. Cannot even imagine the grandeur of that age. What goes up should come down. Rule of life. Applies to Hampi as well.


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