Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Courtship Birthday

This is an episode during my courtship period. 

28th August 2008, 11.42 PM – Eve of my birthday

I dialed his number frenetically. He had not answered my calls all this while.  Has he forgotten that it’s my birthday? Or has the sleep fairy taken him to the dreamland already?’ I was thinking.

'Ahh.. ! He answered!

Me: I thought you had slept!

BH: Yesss.(in a sleepy tone) I had. Anything important?   
Me: No (in a low tone)
BH: Ahh.. Don’t feel bad for small things. Ok.. Tell me, how was your day?

And the conversation went on. (Not really, one sided lecture I should say.) I spoke, he listened silently. I loved talking to him lying over my couch, watching the moon from the window. Anyway,  I knew, he would interrupt me at 12.00 AM sharp to wish me on my birthday.

Few minutes drowned into the night as I spoke, I heard snoring sounds. He was into ‘sound’ sleep! He hibernated again as I spoke? Without wishing ME on my birthday? Arrrghh!! I felt like banging my head against a brick wall! This is not the first time. How can someone sleep like that?

I could not even shout. Everyone at home are sleeping. Appa does not like me talking to someone on phone in the night. But still, I somehow manage to talk to him everyday.
I held the mike near to my mouth and tried giving maximum effect. ‘HELLLOOOOOO!! Anybody there?’ I squealed.

In one fell swoop, I got a knock on my head, and I heard a loud tone of ‘Nobody is there, but there is someone here! Happy Birthday!’ It was HIM!!

I was stunned. My jaws agape. I forgot to bat the eyelid!. I immediately switched on the light. My heart was racing. Would be BH in my room at 12.00 am in the night before marriage! How is this possible? Do my parents know? Or did he jump over the compound, climb up the balcony just to wish me? But, I have locked my balcony door. I was sure, that my parents or his parents would not approve of a night’s stay in the same house. (be it in different rooms) I had thousand random sparkling crackers in my head.

Me: What on earth brought you here? I mean, how could you? My parents know about this?
My younger brother entered the room at this juncture, he wished me. He said, ‘come downstairs, Appa and Amma are waiting for you. They haven’t slept’

I looked at BH. *Teary eyes* . Who does not like surprises? He understands my inner desires so well. I thought.

I cut the cake with family and would be BH.  What a moment! We ate delicious chocolate mousse cake. Sometimes, mundane things start looking so magical. I felt stars are glittering all over.

Just before retiring to sleep, I stopped at my room door, and whispered to BH.

Me: I never expected this. It was a wonderful birthday surprise. I will never forget in my life! I am overwhelmed with joy!
 **DAN DA DAAAAN** There came a filmy twist.
BH: Easy dear easy. I am not all that imaginative. It was your brother who requested me to come over here and he did all the arrangements. 

The halo over BH started wearing off.  I stole a look into my brother’s room. He was listening some music on the computer. I saw a halo over him now. He turned back, smiled and said. ‘Go sleep. You have office tomorrow’

I had hopeless confused expression on my face. (with Yash Chopras vocalists singing "aa-aa-aa" and musicians doing the background scores) I felt so guilty for not even thinking my brother as a candidate who could give me a surprise. I was anyway glad that BH had obliged to my brother’s request.

There are no words that would be worthy to sufficiently glorify you my dear brother. My Cute Handsome Devil.

With a pseudo frown expression on my face, I asked BH 'Did you bother to get me a  present atleast? (Shameless? Am I not?)

He said, I always practice and preach,
Don’t think about Past, you cant change it.
Don’t think about Future, you cant predict it.
Don’t think about Present, you will not get it.
*Wink from BH*

** BANG** the door closes!


  1. A great way to value the emotions of relationships that surround us.

    As always a smooth read that had all the qualities of a storyteller.

  2. So one week ago you have celebrated your b'day...Any how belated wishes.....and have to appreciate your brother's idea to bring your fiancee(that time),surprisingly...

  3. @ಗಿರೀಶ್.ಎಸ್ Thank you Girish. :)
    I should really commend his idea for making it really special for me. :)

  4. belated birthday wishes to you..indeed it is the most beautiful surprise one can get for a birthday...even thought it was your bro that made the arrangements but still ... :)

  5. @Muhammad Israr Thank you. Right Israr. It really surprised me. It will remain as one of the memorable birthdays in my life.
    :) LIked the comment. Thank you.. :)

  6. Belated birthday wishes! So nice of your bro to arrange for a sweet surprise for you!
    Nicely written... liked the 'kahani mein twist'! :)

  7. Well written.... kudos to your bro for making your birthday extra special.... :)

  8. @Sum
    Ha Ha! the expression on my face was worth watching. BH says so.
    Anyway, Thank you Sumana. Am so glad you liked it :)

  9. @Ashwini Ajith Thanks Attige.. :)
    Will pass that to him.. :)

  10. I have an angel for a brother too :), wish he too gives me these interesting surprises when my time springs by :P, But why did BH not bring a present ? Maybe he was told about the whole thing a little late and had no time, but I know something for sure, He came, and that was a present in itself, wasn't it ?

    Belated birthday wishes love :)

  11. First things first. Belated Happy Birthday.

    It is a nicely written post. I was smiling all the way. :)

  12. @~Serendipity~ hope you get your share of happiness in surprises :) you deserve it.. :)
    BH does not believe in presents, celebrating birthdays.. :)
    Yes.. His presence itself was a present as you rightly pointed out.. :) thanks for a beautiful comment dear..

  13. @Nona thanks for the wishes dear.. You expressed so well.. I am so happy.. Thank you.. :)

  14. i was imagining the transfer of the "halo" from your BH to your brother & found it so funny i was laughing loudly :))

    oh btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated)
    do u know u share your bday with none other than Michael Jackson!!! or rather, he shares it with u,lets just put it that way :)

  15. Aare it was your bday.. belated wishes dear...yes and I agree with Sujatha.. the transfer of halo was being animated as I read lol... liked the way you narrated it :) :)

  16. @Sujatha Sathya Ha Ha.. I was imagining you laughing loudly.. Wonder what would Tanvi think if she sees you laughing while you stare at the monitor :-D

    Thanks a lot for the wishes.. :) yeah.. We share same birthdates.. You seem to like him.. Do you?

  17. @SuKupedia :) :) **Blink**Blink** eyes shuttering away**
    Thank you for the wishes.. :)
    And you enjoyed reading it? Then it is worth publishing the experience.. :)

  18. hahahaha...oh..what a lovely post..loved the what if the brother and not the BH was the mind behind it..and wish you a belated (very) happy birthday. Am meeting fellow virgo bloggers this month..:-)

  19. Sahana - firstly birthday wishes to you.. So what was special this year? Any surprises??
    Your post is awesome , the way you recall the episodes of your life with a twist and little humour.. I love it... Treat yavaga kodisteera ???

  20. Great post Sahana... Full of emotions, surprises and relationships.. And, I wish I had a sibling to enjoy this life even more... As always, great read...

    I was totally submerged into reading your post and didnt realize one great thing.. I saw people wishing you in comments so I went back to read the post again. August 29th!!! I was born on the SAME DAY.. pinch pinch :) Super happy to see the first person in life who shares the same date... Cheeeeers!! Belated birthday wishes to you...

  21. @Uma Oh my dear Uma.. Thanks a lot.. :) yes.. How does it matter when the surprise had it's effect.. But I really felt bad that day for not expecting my brother's hand in it.. :)
    Thanks a lot for the wishes very much.. :)

  22. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini Ee sarti na? Enoo iralilla.. Appis ge hogi bandidde.. Ashteya namma kathe.. Surprises expect maadidaaga barolla.. ;)

    thanks a lot for the wishes.. :)

    You should have added this 'treat' point in daily life of SE of your blog post ;)

    Am really happy to know that you enjoy the posts.. :)

  23. @Anand

    That is so nice to know!! Belated happy birthday Anand.. Hope you had a blast.. :)

    Siblings have their own part of fun in our lives.. :)

    For the views about the post.. You really made me smile before hitting bed.. :) thanks for the wonderful comment..

  24. Hmm... Good one...

    But, I am wondering for how many more centuries this birthday is going to be such a critical problem for couples... :)

    There is a quote by someone. I am sure you would have heard of it. It says, "Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other never forgets them."!

  25. belated happy birthday!!! I know I'm late.... that was sweet.....your brother is so sweet...he loves you a lot.... i enjoyed this one...........:-)

  26. You have a style of narrating events and I fall in love with it each time I read your post. I still remember your post in which you went to a wedding and at last, got a kiss, you're so edible. Anyways, love this one as well:)

  27. @BHARATHIRAJA BHA.. It is going to be till there are births. Couples should only evolve with intelligent ways to deal with birthdays.

    I had not heard of that quote. But it is so true :-D

  28. @Sneha Sunny Aww.. Thank you Sneha.. :) Yes, he loves me dearly.
    Hey! Am so glad you enjoyed reading the post. :)

  29. @Saru Singhal Saru, I saw your comment as I woke up today. I thought 'Can there be a better way to start the day?'
    Am so happy that you read my posts with so much and attention and the personal touch in your comments are really commendable. :) Thank you..

  30. That was so cute. And the way you'd narrated it made it all the more special. Luved reading it :)

    And Belated Wishes :)

  31. ha ha ha..
    your life is so sooo soooo filmy that i am loving it.. :)

    you are a rockstar! \m/

  32. @Ashwini Thank you Ashwini for the wonderful comment and the wishes.. :)

  33. @Arpit Rastogi Yeah? Even I feel so, So much of fun, So much of twists and turns.
    I would also tell, I love my life.. :)
    You made me smile Arpit.. Thankuu.. :)

  34. Its so cute!!! We always expect a lot from one particular person who disappoints us a little sometimes.But we never expect younger brothers to do anything for us.Poor things are always taken for granted.I can so relate to this post.I have a younger brother and i know i take him for granted!!
    Lovely read!!

  35. Ah ha .. Lovely .. and well done to your bro kudos and hats off to him for planning all this .. and BH too who did come :)

    what a lovely birthday you had heres wishing you many many more of those .. :) all the best


  36. I truly Love The last quote if ;) I am the one presening...

    LOL :D ROFL papa you!!!!

  37. Such an interesting anecdote:-) Loved reading it!
    Actually BH should have simply kept quiet instead of divulging the secret-then he would have enjoyed special treatment from you for a very long time na! Haha! Kidding! But really a sweet memory :-)

  38. I like this...Nicely written...Belated wishes

  39. @Upasana Thank you dear. :) I agree with every word in your comment.
    Rightly observed, I did take him for granted. Felt really nice reading your comment. Thank you. :)

  40. @Bikramjit Thanks a lot for the wishes and the comment. :)
    I will surely pass on the kudos to them. :)

  41. @Ramya :-D Right.. :-D paapa me.. But still hego.. adjust maadkondu iddeeni.. :-D

  42. @Anne John He gets a lot of special treatment dear. So, extra cheese is not required :P
    Yes, a chapter in my life to cherish.
    Thank you for making me smile. :)

  43. That was so sweet!!! Yes, some men may require " prodding " for romantic actions!!!

  44. hahaha.. AWWWWWWWW. So cute :)

  45. cute post....belated happy birthday...
    loved the last quote :)

  46. Very sweet post, enjoyed going through it :)

  47. Nicely penned down and thats very sweet of your brother. And I must say, your BH was humorous. I mean 'don't think about present, you will not get it' :P he he.. Sorry ;) .. He must have given you presents later.. But that was unexpected!! :) Hmmm, beautiful memories indeed.. :)

  48. Now thats the stuff that memories are made of yaar :):) guess these are those tiny packets of joy that make life worth living :)

  49. lovely!its really like a filmy story!

  50. What a darling brother you have. Life is made of such beautiful moments..Thanks for sharing with us. The animated cake looks yummy

  51. Hi walk of Thoughts,luved reading ur post on relationship and impotantly U need to value a person who treats U right to enjoy Life and its delicious moments.following U.

  52. @Venu
    Venu, thanks for dropping by and reading the post. Glad you liked it. :)

  53. @Meera Rightly said Meera. A good observation actually.

  54. @SUB He he. :) Thank you Sub for the wishes.

  55. @Aakash Kokz You made me feel glad Aakash! Thank you

  56. @Sunil Padiyar Thank you Sunil. Brother was very sweet. BH will make me laugh and forget about the gift.
    He has not gifted anything. The only thing I remember is a 5-star before marriage. :D

  57. @India's no.1 blog How true! But these memories should be stored in the Hard-disk and should be brought to RAM often. The flavor of life will be more delicious. :)

  58. @priya Ha Ha! Priya.. Films are based on stories of life. :)
    But, the lovely word made me so happy. Thank you!

  59. @bemoneyaware :) :) I had not expressed that to him. This blog post is surely dedicated to him. Sadly the cake is animated. :(
    The real one was delicious. :)

  60. @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. How true! And what an observation. :)
    Thanks for the follow! :)

  61. Take print out and frame this post... This will make you smile every time you look at it..:)

  62. Hmm, I should take a few tips from here :)


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