Friday, September 16, 2011

The "Pro"crastinator

Sunday Evening.

I returned from my parents’ place where I had chosen to put my feet up and chill out.
As I stepped into the room, I was shocked to see a dull-colored hill of clothes lying all over the bed.

The mercury level in my brain shot up! My head turned into a pressure cooker, I turned around to see BH welcoming some guests at the door. ('aaj BH bach gaya' I thought)
Closed the door of the room, I did not want them to see what I saw.

Status: Like the cat hides its litter, I veiled the view of the hill.

Sunday Night

I did not want to clear the clothes this time. I wanted BH to clear the mess on the bed. I made some space on the bed, pushed the clothes to a ‘HIS’ side of bed and closed my eyes. He came, he cuddled, and he slept. We BOTH slept in ‘MY’ side of bed. (come on, It was not the moment to push him off. **Awww.. Those cuddles**)
Status: Now the hill had grown taller because the base area occupied was smaller.

Monday Morning

I decided I will voice it out.
Me: How long will these clothes lie unattended?
BH: Don’t start off on a Monday morning. (Typical ‘morning morning’ philosophy)
I zipped my mouth.

Status: His clothes, wet towel (yuck!!) added to the mighty mountain. (Hill -> mountain)

Thursday Evening

I thought, let me not nag, and let me lend a helping hand. He sat watching some sport on TV.
Me: Even I will help you; let us clear off the mess in the room now. Switch on your **Dhan Dhan** playlist on the computer. (Hard rock music is not of my taste, I feel someone is bombarding rocks on my head. By suggesting what he likes, I thought I am considerate enough)
BH: You don’t like to see me sit and relax. Do you? (A stare) I will clear that someday in this week.
Me: ‘Someday’ is not a day in any week!!
Then silence crept in. 
Status: The Mountain had grown bigger in girth and had risen few meters above sea level.

Saturday Evening

I don’t like nagging. But, when things don’t seem happening..
Me: Please, let us clear off the clothes today.
BH: I am tired. Had hectic work at office this week, this weekend has come as a blessing.
Me: I have read somewhere “Nothing is as fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task”
BH: Then, that is enlightenment. I don’t want to get more tired.

Status: The Mountain was almost touching the ceiling fan!!

I sorted the clothes and cleanly organized in his cupboard, put for a wash or sent it for pressing. It took me an hour. He came into the room after some time. He hugged. I expected a verbal admiration from him.(which I did not get)
I suddenly remembered, ‘We had to renew our car insurance. I think it is expired!’
He said ‘Don’t worry. The mountain isn’t over your head always’ *wink*

Post mortem of the incident made me understand him and others better.
  • Someone is hardwired to be procrastinator by nature, works only when the sufficient pressure is built.  
  • Putting off an unimportant task isn't essentially procrastination: it may just be good prioritization!
  • Someone may find a particular task unlikable. Hence, they avoid. Even if I tend to share the same feeling, may be we should work it out. Both of us should give-in alternatively.

Don’t tell me that you would do it ‘someday’:P


  1. So, moral of the story. Take charge before it becomes a mountain. Next time, I hope you will not wait for it to become a hill. :p

  2. someday is not a day in any week!!! hahah that's a revelation :)

    i am the kind who does tomorrow's work today & today's work now and so living with an expert at procrastination, you can imagine the scene in my home :( . i am a very likely candidate to be a serial killer!

  3. @NonaYes, Lesson was learnt the first time. But, when we are living with the person who has the opposite character than us. It is very important to convince oneself to see the world through their lens. :)

    The hill wont dare emerge till I am at home.

    Thanks for the lighthearted comment. :)

  4. @Sujatha Sathya
    Come, lets shake hands.
    Don't Sujatha, Please don't become a serial killer. Learn some meditation techniques. There will be no internet facilities in the jail, I want you to write more and more posts. :)

  5. hahahah... so moral of the story is that BH wont do it :)

  6. @Muhammad Israr He chose not to do it that time. :)
    The moral is, be considerate and understanding :-D

    Hope BH does not read your comment :P
    Such ideas.. Oh myyyyyy... :D

  7. HI my first time, loved your Blog esplly this post! Was smiling throughout coz I guess this point comes in each one of our lives!

  8. @p00jaHey Pooja, Welcome to my blog. Yes, this happens in everyone's life.
    You smiled. It is my pleasure. :)

  9. Oh Sahana..I would have screamed my lungs in your situation. You have been so mature in handling the situation..gr8! I always end up doing the cleaning and clearing away work and am not sure if hubby will ever pitch in even if the mountain dips and falls into the neighbour's house..:-)

  10. @Uma :-D :-D I don't understand why men act like that sometimes.
    Ok, I will take that because I may bug him with my typical behaviors, he may have been giving in.
    That is why our marriage has stood strong for 3 long years :D

  11. We used to have this problem when i was staying with my bachelor friends as well. We tried to have day-wise responsibilities list and all. It just doesn't work. You can't share everything. The one who doesn't like dirt only ends up cleaning everyday. If you ask them who don't do their job, they would just say, "I have no problem with this mess... I don't consider it to be a mess first of all... If you do, please feel free to help yourself!". :)

  12. Good One Sahana.. Especially loved your final 3 fundaas and the pic :D

    In our family, I am definitely more the procrastinator than hubby so I can completely relate to piles of clothes at the base of the bed - it'll usually be washed clothes that I'm too lazy to fold ;).

  13. @BHARATHIRAJA How true!! When we are living with someone, either we should have patience to wait (which may be eternal) or we should do what we want. But, we cannot expect them to learn when we substitute them to complete the task. They will remain the same!

  14. @Aparna Ha Ha! Folding takes time. And sorting it, arranging and pressing them would take time.
    But, you end up clearing the mountain or hubby does that for you? ;)

  15. Well, your BH did it when you were off to your parents place; lucky you!

    I often end up doing it (which I really don't wanna do..) and my wife does all the cleaning for me without opening her mouth (after the hectic day's work, wonder where she gets all the patience from?!). Slowly am learning to filth less in room, hope I become learned soon.

    While I read this post, felt you wrote about my life! Good one Sahana :o)

  16. @Prashanth That was a nice compliment Prashanth. Thank you.
    Well, you are really lucky to have a wife like that.
    And BH does that everyday, the hill/mountain does not build because I clean it up. :)

  17. Oh, yeah! haven't put the cloths I wore today into the wash-bin. It's almost time for my wife to return home from office. Lemme do it now and she might be happy to see a clean bed today! :D

  18. @Prashanth Yippie! I am so happy Prashanth. Your wife will be happy today.
    To self: This was an enlightening post too Sahana! :D

  19. It started off as a very humorous post. Especially certain parts especially someday is not a day in any week! But the ending was really cute.. Especially "Don’t worry. The mountain isn’t over your head always"!!
    Lovely post :)

  20. Procrastination is a luxury, believe me. For me, I have to, have to, do the task on a particular day or my husband will do it. If he will do it, it makes me a little guilty. So, no matter what, because of the complexities of my and my's husband's nature, we do it on a day. Someday's are for sitting doing nothing:) Pretty boring, I guess...Lovely Post!!!

  21. cleaning house? we do it when the guests are supposed to visit our house...else we are too busy with ourselves :p

    loved your fundas :)

  22. OMG, what a brilliant, beyond brilliant post, loved it, just loved it, I'm not the only one who faces such issues then, would you believe I actually have a similar, but little smaller mountain of clothes in my bedroom since the past two days, I've already told him I ain't gonna touch it, and he has told me he'll get around to it later...hmmm later hasn't come around dunno when it
    Amazing post nevertheless...

  23. You have such a knack to write posts everybody relates to.I, for one, read your posts and always nod my head thinking thats me.Its uncanny.Every time i read your posts its such a beautiful experience.I always am greedy for more...

  24. hahahaa... I can so relate to this post... Even am a procrastinator at home.. We can do daunting tasks in a jiffy at work, but a small easy thing will stand as a herculean task to complete at home... But yeah, we all are great prioritize-rs rather than procrastinators :)

    Loved your narration; as always :D

  25. hehehe.. Saru u have company :P :P...just b4 hubby reaches home I am running all around the house collecting shoes, plates and stuffing clothes in the cupboard :D :D...and then when he is not watching I neatly put the clothes in cupboard... one day when he opened the cupboard all the pile fell on him.. and u can imagine my face became like a smashed tomato hehehe... so here all my vote for your husby :P :P... Procrastination is a big job in itself yaar O_O

  26. a wise man once quipped.. 'procrastination is the mother of all debacles'. Adored the blog for...
    Composition,unconventional narrative,build up and last but certainly not the least..common bengaluru roots.:)

  27. After a long time, i have come across a truly wonderful post. I thot, this was going the typical nagging way, but no , the end was awesome.

    I am tweeting this line: Hope u dont mind.

    Putting off an unimportant task isn't essentially procrastination: it may just be good prioritization!

  28. hahaaaa.....i think many of us can relate with this story by you the end this is what makes life interesting together......:))

  29. There are certain things that our brilliant hubbies will just not do no matter how much you remind. What I do is that there are other things that I outsource to him :). That way both of us are happy. We don't want to be fighting over trivial matters.

  30. I've been a life long procrastinator sitting in front of a mountain of clothes, right now :D

  31. Weekdays, one does not have time and weekends are for unwinding. Why is Good so unkind? Why does he make clothes dirty/ Why does he make washing necessary? ( BTW how did you tolerate wet towel in the heap for days?)

  32. nice post..will read more of your blogs..will def come back..

  33. LOL..a stitch in time saves nine!
    ur post reminds me i got to claer up my cupboard this week 'someday' :P


  34. I simply do the laundry on my own and the usual house chores. He takes care of the bills and other administrative stuff! Sorted :) Peace!

  35. Hill turns mountain.. Oh gosh where on earth you get these ideas.. Well written expereience. I've taken a gene from my dad who needs things to be well arranged and the house should be spic and span. So when it comes to heap of clothes lying unattended I am the first one to fold them, separate them into different stacks based on whom it belongs to , what wear they are of ? , and place them in the respective cupboards.

  36. Interesting one..I liked the writing style-the boxes one.
    Why is that when men procrastinates more while women finally end up doing the work?

  37. True. People are not lazy and procrastinate everything. They have their own priorities and wish things to be done in their own way.

    Someday is not a day of the week. Lovely :)

  38. Every time I ask my Hubby to do something. He says, "Then why did I marry you?" Romantic for him & irritating for me when he's been sitting all morning with his feet up & read 2 newspapers back to back & I don't even get to sit & drink my morning cup of tea. Men ....

  39. Nice post....seems to be a ghar ghar ki kahani, though after so many years of marriage, I am reasonably 'sorted out' by now:)

  40. Nice post...
    My room is in a perpetual state of disorder too!
    My dad is always mad about it and thankfully my girlfriend doesn't come home! I just hate to clean I leave it till it becomes a crisis - the disaster management! Hehehe...
    Nice post!

  41. Procrastination or Prioritization, it sure adds to the fun eventually!

  42. Finally! I was wondering who is spicysweet :D

  43. @Saru Singhal :D Saru, My Gawd! You are a family of strict disciplinarians.
    How I wish we were like that. Boring? Wow! It is exciting Saru..
    Ahh.. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side. :)

  44. @SUB
    :-D Good philosophy to follow if both are okay with it :)

    Thank you!

  45. @AAD Ha Ha! Hope it is cleared now. By you or by him.
    Later? Well.. Same games..

  46. @Upasana And you have the knack to make me happy with the comment you post. :)
    Hope I can live upto your expectations Upasana.

  47. @Anand

    "We can do daunting tasks in a jiffy at work, but a small easy thing will stand as a herculean task"
    That was a quote Anand!

    Thank you for that lovely comment! :)

  48. @SuKupedia :) :) Ohh man.. I can imagine your cheeks turning red like tomatoes Sunita.. :)

    I understand how 'heavy and big' the procrastination is! :D

  49. @the mind behind the mindless lampoons That was a wonderful compliment. :)
    Yeah, bengaluru roots would have understood the meaning of 'morning morning philosophy' :)
    Thank you! *smile*

  50. @Viyoma Thank you Viyoma. I am glad my post was not boring rant.
    Yeah, go ahead and tweet. I do not mind. :)

  51. @IRFANUDDIN Yes Irfan Bhai, Many of us certainly can relate to the post. Kahani Ghar Ghar ki!

    Eggjactly! Seen through the correct lens. Life will be indeed interesting. :)

  52. @Rachna That is the way we finally work out Rachna. Now, I do the same thing. :D
    We hardly have time to fight over trivial matters.. :)

  53. @Ana_treek I can imagine that. Hope you clear that someday! before you would end up picking clothes from the used pile of clothes. :P

  54. @Hariharan Valady Even I wonder, why is so unfair?
    How did I tolerate? I used a looong stick to push that out of my sight, into the pile of clothes :D

  55. @slobonthejob Hey! Thanks a lot! Please do visit. :) Will be very happy.. :)

  56. @subtlescribbler Sarah!!
    God bless you!
    Hope that someday comes as soon as possible. :D
    "a stitch in time saves nine" how true!

  57. @Chintan Dividing tasks is the best way out. That is the lesson learnt. :)

  58. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini Ideas? I don't know. It just flashes. :)
    Nice to know that you keep things neat and clean. Love the look of such places. :)

  59. @bemoneyaware Thank you! :)
    Most often that happens. But, we cannot generalize.
    I haven't found answer to your question. Maybe, we are born that way!

  60. @Ashwini You rightly pointed out Ashwini. People DO NOT procrastinate everything, it only few jobs they dislike. They tend to do it tomorrow everyday. :)

  61. @Rituparna I was feeling like this too, but now, I clear it off then and there. So, even I put my feet up and drink coffee blissfully. :)

    Men.. We love them the way they are.. Dont we?

  62. im going to use this as reference the next time someone asks me for a reason to procrastinate!!

  63. Ha ha.. I liked the late realizations..and so true..:)

    " Someday is not a day in any week!!" --> This gave me a good laugh!

    Wordless Wednesday with Liya

  64. uffff..same thing used to happenes to me in my previous room..those idiot roommates never use to fold bedsheets and all...always i use to scold them,then they use to say "dont give sppech"

  65. First visit here and I am loving your blog. Every little detail is personalized and it makes reading such an entertaining and joyous act.

    And about the procrastination, I agree that it is relative prioritization. And another thing, *awwwwww* :D

  66. @Jayanth Lol.. :)
    Sure! As long as you can make someone laugh and feel light, you can do anything! :)

  67. @Nishana Ha Ha! Nishana! Thank you! Am yappy that I made you laugh..!

  68. @Anonymous
    Good, from your comment, I get to know that you no longer stay with such room mates.
    And on the contrary I am happy that BH listens to my long speeches! :D

  69. @Neeraj Kumar
    Layers make life so enjoyable. Like vegetable puff! :D

  70. @Enchanta Welcome Enchanta!
    I am happy that this blog was an enchanting experience for you. :)
    So, nice to meet a procrastinator.. :)
    For the next.. :D :D :D :D

  71. Procrastination is an art... Mastered by few... The gurus of happy living... But realising that non-procrastinators are potential serial killers, puts things in a new light... Cos i live with one now... Dunno wen she will lose it and pick up the knife... :( (*psycho theme playing*)


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