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Prenatal Yoga

When I got to know about a contest in Women's Web on Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy, I decided to plunge in. Writing about that delightful chapter of my life is a gratification by itself.

That unfortunate moment you announce your pregnancy to the world, monsoon sets in for the next few months for the mom-soon (person who will moan-soon). Why? It will be raining with wanted/unwanted information, advices and suggestions from ….ahh probably you cannot guess that. (Advices have come in public places as well!) I would use smile-and-nod umbrella. 

The ante-natal class I attended with BH helped me get complete information on the journey to create life. The obstetrician and her team conducted this class for us. Many mis’conception’s  about pregnancy were wiped-off. One important factor which helped me physically, emotionally and mentally was YOGA!

Healthy body, mind and attitude of the mother are critical for the growth and development of the baby. Yoga helped me achieve all these with ease. The first thing that registered in the mind was ‘Pregnancy is not a disease; it is the time to say Cheeese!’  I resolved to give the best I could do, for my baby to develop and grow in my-own-cocoon.

o        9 whole months of pregnancy is all about wait and weight. (Don’t you think so?)
o       I did not gain more weight than required.
Image: 123rf
o        The asanas helped me keep myself flexible, and tone up my reproductive muscles to put up with the stretch and changes (The uterus grows almost 500–1,000 times its normal size – ouch! Other organs, bones and muscles need to accommodate the change right?)
o        Some exercises did help me loosen the pelvic floor muscles which was supposed to mitigate the pain during the labor.(read here(if that pain was LESS!)
o        Asanas were the astras (weapons) I used to beat the common discomforts like backache, swollen legs, calf-muscle cramps, gastritis and many more. 

Image: DepositPhotos
o       In this go-go-go world, when worries, tensions, apprehensions are so common. Meditation was a real stress-buster.
o       Breathing techniques helped me during the labor to concentrate on the rolling out the red carpet for my baby rather than the pain (*Inner voice* ‘Big deal!, She rolled on a  red carpet like thing inside too’.) 

o        I have read some where that, excruciating labour pain is akin to 40 fractures on a single spot, at the same time. The most important preparatory factor in facing up to this pain is ‘Inner-Peace’, which is bolstered by meditation and yoga. (Yoga to bear pain? Did you remember Yogi Bear-cartoon? Meee too.. :P)
Image: RealBollywood
o       It is a huge reprieve from fear and anxiety that we face during pregnancy.

My two cents finally (or four I should say)

o       Say yes to Meditation, you may avoid Medication
o       Yoga during pregnancy? YO! Ga-Ga over it!
o       Don’t eat for two, it is too-much! (Remember the size of baby, rather its’ stomach)
o       Go to a professional trainer. Do not experiment yourself.

Yoga is indeed the 'passport' to healthy pregnancy, helps the baby to 'pass' through the 'port' without a hitch (*wink wink* )

PS: I believe being mother is just a ‘state of mind’ for any woman. Just physically bearing child does not make any woman complete.


  1. i have sent it to my sister who is expecting a baby.. although i am scared of the process myself, picture of baby passing thru port is quite relieving:P...

    great read as usual:)

  2. OMG!! i did the mistake of going through that link you provided.. the birth story.. went to the toilet twice when i read it.. i could actually picture u in that labour room (phew)

    Ok so I got it.. Yoga is the way to go ... :) :) :)

  3. @SuKupedia :) :) LOL! LOL! Toilet? Is that so scary?
    Yeah, route to the roots! Yoga is the way!

  4. wait & weight - yes - nice play again. such things never cross my mind :) though homonyms is a part of grammar & am a literature student :(

    monsoon - another one

    i should seriously start a page/doc to note all your word plays

    40 fractures in one spot - my 2 hours of labour felt so

    nice post & good luck with the contest :)
    really hope you win

  5. Great one Sahana - it's so much fun to read every entry of yours - definitely brought many smiles seeing all the play on words, as well as remembering my experiences! Though I didn't do PreNatal Yoga, I'm a big Yoga fan. Did Lamaze though - which was a big lifesaver :).

    All the best for the contest!

  6. I will never know this :)

    ALthough i like yoga ...

  7. LOL...Few words and lines in this post are just awesome...YO man I am GAGA over this post!!!


  8. even I swear by yoga during pregnancy and even after. I did yoga too and had a relatively short labour..:-) I am participating in the contest coming up..

  9. Nice post! All the best Sahana :-)

  10. Very positive and lively write up! :) Thumbs up!!!

  11. nice post.. wish I could suggest to my sis. unfortunately or fortunately she is in her last month.. not much I can do I guess.. :)

  12. Good reading... and tat is exactly true wat is in PS..

  13. I love reading your posts whatever the topics be. The way you play with the words and bring a wonderful meaning out of it is awesome. Nice article and helpful for all the to be moms.

  14. Hi Sahana,

    I wish I could do the yoga during my pregnancy. :) A very nice cheerful writeup.

    Thanks for stopping by my blogspot and taking time to read and comment. :)

    If you come across any more such writing contests, please do let me know.

  15. Good one Sahana.

    I have been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 20 years now. Nice to know about adopting the same in a very important phase of any women - pregnancy. Hope it does help many 'mom-soon' :o)

  16. Hey! great post...attending antenatal classes are really helpful...thanks to the exercises they recommended, my wife had a NVD....i can so relate to your post now...

    Check my new blog at

  17. Lovely getting to know you:)Nice post and i am glad your little one got the 'pass- port' easily. Mine was not that easy:'( After one full day of excruciating pain, it was a c-section...All i could think of as i slipped into unconsciousness was- ' Not the next time!' Sadly...i thought the same line next time too:P Good to follow you, Sahana!

  18. Woah! Nice write up! I did no yoga no exercise the lazy bum that i am! Thanks to my mums genes i didnt put on too much weight otherwise i cud have ended up looking like a kaddu! (pumpkin)
    Loved reading it!

  19. Very nice, loved getting informative tips :)
    Good luck for the contest

  20. The Pun in the writing made the post a great read. I am really amazed at ur talent to do so and so successfully as a writer.

    A Punderful err.. wonderful read.

  21. :|
    pregnancy scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked the post though :D You are a brave brave woman :D

  22. WOW. You're good with the punches:D

    And though I'm not old enough to be thinking about having children, I'm bookmarking this for when I can:)

    And the P.S is so goddamn true (pardon the language) that I'm resharing it. Can I?

  23. @Sujatha Sathya Wordplay comes by habit and passion Sujatha. 2 hours of labour? You were really lucky. I had 15 hrs!!

  24. @Aparna You made my day Aparna! Whataay Comment! Waaooh! :)
    Sorry. I am replying late.

  25. @Bikramjit Singh MannBetter know this. Maybe it will be of help on the future. :)

  26. @Saru Singhal Ahha! Thanks a lot Saru.. :) Am glad you wrote this for me.. :)

  27. @Uma Nice to know that Uma :) Yeah.. I did read your post, and left my opinion on it! :)

  28. @Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City Wish you could. Anyway. Hope this helps when it your turn :)

  29. @Girish Thank you Girish :) Yeah! I believe in that.

  30. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini Thank you Ashwini :) That was a wonderful comment :) Hope this post helps you in future :)

  31. @It's Dee for U Sure! I will let you know. :) Thanks a lot for the comment. Yeah, I came across your blog through the contest page :)

  32. @Prashanth Nice to know that this post enlightened you Prashanth :) Hope this helps when time-comes :)

  33. @SUB Nice to know that SUB. Ante-natal classes prepares us so much for that BIG step. '
    You are having a wonderful blog up there! Cheers!

  34. @Cloud Nine It was not all that easy actually! Read the birth-story which I have linked in the post :( But, yours was really bad ya! After one day pain, a c-section? :(

  35. @Sirisha Good. You have been really lucky in having that gene! Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! :)

  36. @Neeraj Kumar 'Pun'ch in your comment was wonderful Neeraj. Thank you :)

  37. @TheBluntBlogger Thank you dear :) You will be scared until you are one Chintan.. :)

  38. @PeeVee™ Go ahead and share! Thank you :) I will be happy if you remember this when you really need :)


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