Thursday, July 14, 2011

The story details

After marriage, I understood, Men are from Mars (not bars) Women are from Venus (not fungus).
We are from two different worlds. So, even our thinking has to be worlds apart sometimes. And also, there are differences in how we feel, how we express, how we do things, et cetera, et cetera.. 

Observing these differences, let me quote an incident from our life. 

My BH picks me up every day from my office, and this part, I have chipped off from every working day conversations.

If it is BH who opens the conversation, then it will be
BH: How was work today?

Me: Normal. But, I wonder why people up the ladder cannot plan well. I will   have a lot of work on some days and I won’t have much on other days. Productivity of a person will come down if such a scenario continues for long. Doesn’t it?
By the way, I had got a call from a person called ‘X’ from ‘Y’ company at 3.30 PM today; he said he has some good policies which ensure high returns at the end of 3 years. I told him we had enough.  (Did you notice that I changed the topic without waiting for his reply.. :P ). I had called Mrs. ABC; I told you that she was not keeping well. It seems now she is recovering. (I had not finished)

BH: Oh God! I thought the answer to was just good or bad. Why do you want to exert yourself so much? You are wasting so much of energy! (Rolling over his eyes)

Me: I just thought, I should be sharing things with you. :( I did not know that they weren’t important to you. :( :(

BH: Aggrhhh!! (Scratching his head)

Observation: Men like to keep things short and to the point. They just take what is applicable and chuck the rest and they get going. (Probably they have memory problems or probably they use that memory to remember test match scores/records :-D)

If it is yours truly who starts a conversation..
Me: How was work today?

BH: Not good not bad.

Me: Why? What happened?

BH: (Alarmed by the next series of possible questions that would bombard) Nothing, It was normal.

Me: Why did you tell that it was not good then?

BH: (closing his eyes, gathering patience) had many calls to attend. Busy day.

Me: So, what is the happening thing at office?

BH: Nothing.

Me: Tell me something, all your answers are short; you don’t want to share anything with me.

BH: There is nothing worth sharing.

Me: Then you are filtering out things from me. Why do you want to do that?

BH: Shall we talk about something else for heaven’s sake?

Me: :( :(

Observation: Women want to know teeny-weeny things particulars about everything. All possible angles of the topic, other peoples’ reactions/opinion over the topic, any thing that is related to all topics; ensuring that they are down to the last detail. (They have ample storage capacity in their memory and everywhere else. That is why they carry babies for the mankind! :-D) 

Anyway, We celebrate the differences between us. We differ yet we prefer each-other. Life would have been so boring if we were from same worlds. Now it is spiced-up!! (HOTTTTTTT!!!)

PS: I know, BH's small brain should have A BIGGGG of space for patience. Ain't it? :P

Let me know your opinion...


  1. so very true :):):) i have also been into same conversations and ended in the same fights. I guess thats the way they are slowly trying to accept the fact:):)

  2. Suchi.. That is the beauty of the relationship. We differ, yet we prefer each other. :)

  3. tooootallly agreeed...and I loved it too!

    That's the beauty in leading a happy married life....both of them knew they are different and enjoy that difference!

    a good post :)

  4. """We've ample storage capacity..everywhere. That's y v carry babies"" - LOL this one's totally original

    "We differ, yet we prefer each other". how sweet! n true!

    the conversation bit: YAAA! y d hell cant dey tell us all d juicy details??? y y y !!!

  5. hahaha. Aptly put. I have similar conversations when I go in depth explaining and my husband has nothing much to share :). Have you also noticed that their attention just veers off.. Good post, had a nice laugh!

  6. i completely agree with uuu... :) hehehe

  7. @Gowthami Nandigala True Gowthami.. Marriage is all about 'agree to disagree'. :)
    Thanks a lot for visiting. :)

  8. @Sujatha Sathya Topic is a bit cliched. :P But, I have thrown light from my window..

    We love spiced up life. Dont we? Ahh! How I love being a woman.. **PRIDE**

  9. @Rachna Yes, Yes, they do have selective hearing problems as well. They just switch off their brain or their brain goes out of network towards the topic of discussion.. :D
    I really wonder at their talent!

    Happy that you had a nice laugh.. :)

  10. @Anoop Facts of life.. You have to agree :D

  11. Sahana, very well written. When I read on, it seems that you have written about my life. Every married couple go through this; but still, they love each other. Life is interesting, isn't it?

    Between, it's today I observed the new theme of your Blog. It looks great :o)

  12. It must be hormones while we are babies in the wombs that influence us, so that most men and women do recognise themselves in the dialogues you have presented :)

  13. lol...that's so true...we can relate to that so well

  14. Hi, First time to your blog... Loved reading this post, the second part is so hilarious too!!! So True!
    Enjoyed my stay here, have a fabulous day:)

  15. @Prashanth Ha Ha.. Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki.. Alwa Prashanth? :D

    We Unite with diversities. That is the beauty of life.

  16. @Sunil Deepak Yes Yes. It is to do with the XX and XY chromosomes. :D
    Girls somehow make it a point to take it from her mother and Guys will take that from his father.

    Welcome to my space and thanks a lot for the wonderful comment. :)

  17. @SUB Yes.. That is how we differ and prefer. :)
    Thanks for the follow and the comment.

  18. @Arti

    Hey Arti, Welcome to my space. I am glad you liked the post. Keep visiting. :)

  19. Had a good laugh and can totally understand your point!... ;-)

  20. LOL.
    That's how it is, most of the times :P

  21. We differ yet we prefer each-other: what a great and creative sentence! This sentence described everything about the relationship.

  22. !!

    well written..I liked this post..


  23. he he that was a Fun read!! and you summarized it so well!! How would things get HOTTTT otherwise :P

  24. @Ziva
    Hey Ziva, Good that this post made you laugh. Can I get better appreciation? Thanks a lot for putting your emotions across. :)

  25. @Defiant Princess Welcome to my space Princess. :)
    That is how it is, because that is how we are born different.

  26. @Neeraj Kumar Neeraj.. Thank you.. What more can I say.. :)

  27. @Raghu Thank you Raghu.. :) I am glad you liked it..

  28. @Cindrella Welcome to my space Cindrella.. May that smile on your face last forever.. :)
    Yes, We like our life to be spiced-up.. !

  29. OMG! i really really saw it with my mom and dad....! after dt now am experincing in realtionship also! i agree 200% !

  30. @jaynthbusi :D Typical characters. Ain't it? Still there a beauty in the relationship.. :) Thanks for the comment and Welcome to my space.. :)

  31. yup totally !! am damn im out of my world just laughing remembering the moments!! and the beauty in the relationship is just because of that compromising character in us and also the way of tackling work with persnol life....!

  32. @ Spicy Sweet: I am just wondering how I missed reading this post of yours. Well I just tumbled down here and had a hearty laugh. Your hubby definitely needs a BIGGGGG space for patience. (just kidding :))

    Cricket scores - more important?? definitely!!!

  33. @jaynthbusi Agreed. Laughing at the differences itself is such a positive booster for a relationship.. Loved your comment.. :)

    Laughing at the similarities, Celebrating the differences.. This can come only when we have mutual respect.

  34. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini Ashwini.. I am glad you somehow stumbled upon the missed post. :)

    No Kidding.. He needs big time patience. :D And he has it. So, no worries.
    After thoughts about the incident suggests me that I should not be acting so. But, the devil in me does not get satiated without eating his head.. :D Head hungry you see.. :P

    Cricket/Tennis/Football.. Any sport can be important.. :D

  35. well...nice take on situation here by you....i think most of the couple can very well relate with this....Nice read...:))

    Bets wishes,

  36. and btw i have asked my wife to read this post just to prove her that i m not the only who behave erratically...:P

  37. @IRFANUDDIN Ha Ha! Thanks a lot Irfan.. :)

    Oh nice! She will like it too.. Erratic? It does look so when we are at the receiving end.. :D

  38. i Like to take the side of the men here they dont want to share the burdens and avoid details to create balance with women in this cycle. :)

  39. @RamesH: Maybe.. But woman does not want her man to worry. She wants him to be happy. :)

  40. OH My My :D Superb
    Same Pinch,Same Pinch,Same Pinch,

    And Very nice Blog Template :D

  41. OMG I am literally ROFL after reading this one.. you have so so wonderfully captured the essence of conversations between all husbands and wives I think !!
    I've really got to get the hubby to read this one :)

  42. @Vyankatesh : Thank you! Keep visiting!

  43. @Ramya : :-D Welcome back Ramya! Hope you had a good time holidaying...

    Thank you! I felt white will be elegant. Glad you observed.

  44. @Aparna: :-D I initially thought I am just looking out of my window. Then, realized its the same road!!

    Glad this post made you laugh. :)

  45. :) he he he Sorry sorry this made me smile and laugh.. typical scenario

    I guess men are like that ..


  46. @Bikramjit : You need not be sorry. I am happy that this made you laugh. :)
    Yes, it is indeed a typical scenario.

    Thanks for commenting. Keep visiting.

  47. Good post. Neatly narrated!

    This has been an exciting topic for me for several years now. I have been planning to write one on the same subject for a long time. Let's see when that happens.

  48. @BHARATHIRAJA Please do write. Would love to know your opinion. :)

  49. Exactly, I mean that happens all the time. We both are like north and south and probably, that's the reason we attract each other this way! :D
    Interesting post! :)

  50. hahaha. so true.. loved your post :)

  51. @Risha Kalra Bulls eye! It is nice to learn about the other always.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your views.

  52. @Anand Agree? Good. Nice.. There are people who agree with me! :)

  53. Satirical,funny and realistic..Wonderful narration...Nice read..Keep up the great work..

    Vishnu MS

  54. I know. Guys always like to keep it short and simple, even if they are required to elaborate, and we women have this natural talent of talking wonderfully well for hours together, of insignificant things as well :)

  55. Very good post.. i enjoyed it... ur words , "BH's small brain should have A BIGGGG of space for patience. Ain't it?... 100% true... without patience, it is difficult to hear repeated topics from girls :) lol...


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