Monday, July 4, 2011

Bunni - The Miss-Chief

Bunni, just crossed her 16 month mark and she has become a source of hilarity. She will be awarded the 'miss-chief' for her activities. I love the way she thinks sometimes. :D Let me try to unveil some of the episodes.

  • In the midst of changing her dress, in that brief moment of being naked, she takes to her heels. She loves being in her birthday suit. ( Now, do not tell me that she has a bright future...)
  • Exactly after removing the diaper, she starts peeing and running all over the place. I should trace a skewed path all over the house to clean the soggy ground (Pee-vish behavior eh?)
  • There comes a day of ‘pain’ting at home. We got busy with the covering of furniture at home and she poured out the whole container of paint! Whoaw! I had to give her a bath for the second time that day. While mopping the floor to get rid of the spilled paint, she emptied the bucket full of water!!! Errr..  Painters were back on their task with a new can of paint and they were just done with the first coat, she rolled off the can of paint again in a spilt second!! Ran over the paint and all over the floor! GOD SAVE ME!
  • She finger paints the walls, her face and body when she finds “Colgate Gel” toothpaste in the store-room. (For that matter, any tube she finds will be used as a paint)
  • There was eerie silence at home, I run all around the house calling out for her. I skid on a floor turned pond. She comes out of the bathroom with a mug full of water, giggling away. She does not stop irrigating the floor for the next 15 minutes. Come what may (hem)!

  • She brings a plate from the kitchen cabinet. Places the plate in an uninhabited place. Stands over it. Poops! (Imagine the ‘palate’ of the person eating from a plate at home who knows about this incident ;))
  • She opened a green colored cough syrup on the couch, turned the bottle upside down, and made patterns over the white bedspread. (Teaching her mother to go-green..)
  • God save the accessories in the bathroom which are within her reach. They will have their final destination fixed: The Commode!

  • She tries on all the shoes in the closet and all clothes in the wardrobe which are cleanly arranged and organized. Result: Shoes, Slippers, Dress(es) strewn everywhere – MESS!

  • When she finds an opening, window etc, she loves to throw things out and watch how they fall. (What a curious kid I have..)

(She is throwing a pen down)

  • I load the washing machine in the morning with soiled clothes. Wait till she sleeps. (I don’t want her to see me power ‘operate’ these devices). I switch on the washing machine when the time is right. **TAN TAK TAN** comes an alarming sound. Shocked!. I switch off the power button. Open the door to find a sauce pan. (Her co-‘operation’ in loading :-D)
  • 3 missing tumblers, 5 missing spoons from the kitchen cabinet: Found in the dustbin.
  • 'Breaking' News: New jam bottle which was supposedly kept in a safe place found broken into pieces.
  • She squeals with delight and giggles at every opportunity, especially if caught  devotedly emptying and re-emptying the packets of powder/grains in the kitchen cabinet. After doing that, she walks all over them. Gotcha! Foot-prints of my li'l monster. (check the picture below)
Kitchen Flour!

 Rice grains all over

                               This is the measure we have taken to counter her prowls!

She does something wrong, she sees me giving her fierce looks, she gives a big smile, runs to me, hugs, and plants sloppy, sticky kisses all over my face. How my heart melts. Awwww..

My fierceness ends there.. Hugs and Kisses! :)


  1. Trust me, I haven't read anything like this before.. Had always wondered, how will parents(specially Mother) capture her young one's day to days activities on paper (or may be on a blog)..

    Just loved it.. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more.. ;-)

  2. She is soooooooooo adorable and so are her pranks.. Really a mischieveous kid ahhh!.. Hugs and kisses to your daughter..

  3. @Praveen Bhat : I have tried capturing few of her activities Praveen. She amazes us everyday with something or the other.
    Yeah Yeah, your wait for more wont last for long ;)

  4. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini : Thanks a lot Ashwini. She is getting naughtier by the day. I really wonder how my mother looks after her for such a long time single-handed!

  5. Awwwwwww...... soooooo cute!!! Lovely post which your little one will enjoy reading after many years!!

  6. @Sum Thanks Sum. :) She will also know how naughty she was! :D

  7. Such an adorable cute pie! Nice blog you have, I am sure reading through this for your daughter when she grows up would be lot more fun :)

    Will be frequent here since I have a lot of things to know from here as a new toddler is all set to take us through a storm!

  8. hahaha she definitely is mis-chief!!
    after all the antics as recorded in the photos, look at the last snap..sooo innocent...nanenu madilappa look...muaahh to her

  9. sooper like for Sudeethi :). keep it going and few hugs and kisses for me as well :)

  10. Cute kid. Great pics.
    Incidentally my latest post is about my kid too. The time he broke my camera :-(

  11. @Mohan Welcome to the world of the Toddlers and my blog as well.
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment.

    And yes, once the baby starts walking, the riot begins! :D

  12. @Sujatha Sathya Not only in the last pic Sujatha.. She is such a well-mannered kid in front of guests. But when it comes to family, she regains her avataara! :D

  13. @Srinivas R Sure Chini.. You will get your share for being her maama..

  14. @Sairam Thanks a lot Sairam! Yeah, I did read your post about the camera incident.
    Kids are so curious. Sometimes we have to pay a price for it.
    As long as they are learning something, it should not matter actually.

  15. LOL.. total laugh riot. Really a 'miss'chief :-).

    You know, my mom recently confided (in a complaining tone) with me that I was too well behaved in my childhood and so she cant really remember any pranks or much of my childhood. I guess you won't be having that complaint, after all. So blessed you are ;-).

  16. Ha ha, while reading this blog, i was feeling that a reporter is reporting from a terror hit place. "Flash news" :). Beautiful pictures from the scene of crime :). very cute little story.......

  17. So cute..:) Way to go Bunny!

  18. @Sri Ha Ha! That was a nice information to know from your mother Sri :D
    She might get innovative in complaining.. :D I cannot assume anything of this kid..

  19. @RamesH That was a superb Analogy.. I could not capture all of her crimes in pictures..
    Thanks a lot for a wonderful comment. :)

  20. @Nishana She needs all these encouraging words.. For her to get more creative in her activities.. :D

  21. Hahaha...awesome kane! I love that cute innocent smile in the last pic..."Aenaaytu amma? Nanna yaake haage nodtaidya?" :D Give her a BIG hug and lots of kisses from me...hey but dont take up too much of her time! She's a really busy girl you see, she's got lots of things on her mind, lots of activities to accomplish!! :D

  22. Haha...!!!! Lovely naughty Bunni. Keep it going. Excellent post Spicy Sweet. Thanks for sharing. Hugs & Kisses to Bunni... :)

  23. @Reesha Ha Ha! Thanks a lot Reesha.. Neenu heLida haage maaDodu avaLu yenadru tarle maaDbittu..
    I will surely pass on your BIG hug and kisses..
    And yes.. Won't take time much of her time.. :P

  24. @Ashwini Ajith Thanks a lot Attige.. :) Will pass on the hugs and kisses from her doddamma.. :)

  25. Sahana. She is just like u..... u might have probably done the same things or god knows even more pranks than ur daughter doing today!!!! lolzzzz... taayi ge takka magalu.. wat say???

  26. Wow Spicy Sweet - that's such an apt heading for describing her antics :). And I know fully well how that mischievous smile can disarm even the most angry mother - my dear son is an expert at that one too!

  27. Such a lovely girl... Really sweet and a bit spicy too. Good blog and as a mom I can heartily remember those mischief's and smile.

  28. @Rashmi Prakash I gave my mother difficult times, I agree. But, I really do not know the intensity. :D
    Taayi ge takka magaLa? Kashta aagbiDatte kaala.. :D

  29. @Aparna Thanks a lot!
    Yes Aparna. That was the apt word used - Disarming smile. Children catch the weak points of their parents soon.. :)

  30. @Farila Welcome to my blog madam.. Thanks a lot for the comment.
    I am happy that I reminded you of those naughty days of your children.. :)

  31. kida r always naughty.... :) i kno how it is when my niece is around.. OMG.... :D

    nice post... :)

  32. That is just adorable! OH MY GOD.

    visiting for the first time hope to read more from you!

    take care!
    happy blogging! :)

  33. She is impish but she is certainly cute. God bless her!

  34. @viddhi Hey Hi! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment and the follow.
    I will try to keep up to your expectation.. :)

  35. @Neeraj Kumar Ha Ha! Thanks a lot Neeraj.. What a rare word you have used.. 'Impish' Nice.. :)

  36. Oh my God, she really must be keeping you on your toes. And, kudos to your patience :). I have a 5-year-old son and a 9-year-old son. Reading your daughter's mischief reminded me of so many similar pranks they played when younger. All I can say is that things will get better :).

  37. @Rachna Hey Rachna! Welcome to my space.
    Patience has come with motherhood.

    These things will get better, some other new things will add up. :)
    That is the fun and run of life anyway.. :D

  38. sweet....wish i could join her in all those cute...:))
    May almighty God bless her.

    best wishes,

  39. @IRFANUDDIN Hey Irfan.. Welcome to my space. Thanks a lot for commenting.
    You are welcome to join her.. :)

  40. Well, this made me seriously think of being a father soon :P

  41. @Prashanth Ha Ha! In that case, I should consider this to be the best comment. All the best for your plans :P

  42. The joy is child hood but I am happy she has a mother who sees her mischief as adorable . God bless

  43. yet they are so beloved to us... mam... gr8 post

  44. @captainjohann : Kids are really adorable Captain.. :) Thanks a lot for the comment. :)

  45. @Bhargav Yes, Bhargav, they are! :) Thanks a lot for visiting my space and dropping the comment. :)

  46. Hey Sahana:):) beautiful blog. I felt so nice reading all of Sudeeti's mischief:) Loved the idea. I will make sure i will capture all my kids moments when i have one:):):)
    Lots of love to Sudeeti.. She is an Amazing kid:):):)

  47. Hahaha...very naughty and very lovely :)

    Luvd the way u put them in words!

    May God bless her with more creativity :)
    (Don't look at me like that,I know you enjoy it too and by the name itself you have patience with in u!let her test it! ;) :) )

  48. Hahaha Do you have time for anything else??? :D

  49. Total LOL moments..err...for others of course!..:-D
    How they understand our weakness and give us the most vulnerable look when we are about to reprimand them!
    loved reading this...

  50. @suchitra Hey Suchi.. Thank you dear. Hope she will remain so in the future also! :)

  51. @Gowthami Nandigala Thank you Gowthami for that lively and lovely comment.

    I wont look at you like that. Ha Ha! I love the mischiefs she does. :)

  52. @Abhishek I work as a software engineer Abhishek. Full time!

  53. @Uma
    Exactly Uma. I really do not understand how they come up with innovative tricks to deal with us.:D

  54. Aww. How Sweet. You have a Very intelligent daughter I should say. At an age where most of girls like to play with dolls, she likes to be practical in experimenting things.
    How cute :)

  55. :-)) This blog is so adorable!!! Loved everybit of it.. And your daughter's a doll!! touch wood touch wood !!


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