Monday, December 12, 2011

Hither and Twitter

This is a peek into another window of my world - Twitter. Selected tweets. My favorites. I thought, you may like a few of them. 

  1. Lying to your girl friend? Two results are possible. You are excused Or Your ex-cussed.

  2. Love at first sight? Why not? If it is a big plot in a posh locality?
  1. No point in accusing someone of being biased. Every human being on this earth is bi-assed.
  2. What is 69? Inverted Kama?

  3. My husband and I exactly opposite in every-way possible! Even when it comes to love, He loves me, and I love him!

  4. Birth and Death are the only realities of life, All other incidents in-between are reel-ties.

  5. Seasons of earth changes because of revolution. Seasons at home changes because of rotation of wife's brain :P

  6. What is Loose motion? The condition in which waste disposal unit of the body disposes waste from both outlets in liquid state #Chemistry

  7. Girls Beware! One inch addition to your perfect figure, you may end up losing curves. 36-25-36 are perfect squares!

  8. Husband said you are my sweety pie.. I am wondering.. Can numbers be tasted? π (Pi) #Math #geeky

  9. How I wish I was a serial killer.. There wouldn't have been mindless emotional drama running over thousands of episodes.

  10. If Salman Khan is put in jail, the Khaidi number plate will be attached to his Chaddi! #Shirtless

  11. A board outside the house read 'No Parking in front of the gate. If you are a loud-speaker, read the first sentence by flipping letter P'

  12. Hope a spanner could fix all the loose, 'nuts'. #Pun

  13. An orthodox mother said to her daughter "Do not low-wear your standards by wearing revealing clothes. "

  14. My friend asked me, which day she should have sex to bear a baby boy. I said 'Son'day!

  15. Yearly nerd catches the book-worm :-D

  16. Most politicians will lose all their money when they bancorrupt #bankrupt

  17. Deciding to work out or not, is your life and your weigh ;)

  18. My cousin wanted to get a pencil from a stationery shop. I wonder, which shop moves from one place to another. (barring location shifts)

  19. Love hurts? Obviously! When you 'FALL' in love, what do you expect?

  20. How does one auto rickshaw driver help the other auto driver whose auto has run out of fuel?
    He 'Toe's the other auto. #Bangalore (only people who have seen such a situation can understand. I think.)

  21. Marriage stands if 'i mar rage' most of the time #Anagram

  22. Wear helmet or be ready for a 'hell meet'

  23. If you sit in an auto rickshaw, you are bound to receive an 'auto-prick-shock' caused by the protruding springs in the seat :D #Bangalore

  24. Hubby watching the cricket match, explains 'test matches are real 'test' of patience and endurance. And I think 'whose?
All the above tweets are copywrited to @spicy_words

You might have read one or two tweets. That is because, sometimes, when I comment on a post, that tweet-material would have flashed to me.


  1. Hilariously superb!! When I started I felt I should mention this in particular while I comment, but ultimately every single one was out of the box!! Truly amazing!! :)

  2. ROFL 3rd,8th,12th,really cracked me up :P

    awesome stuff...keep sharing these here....[I'm not on twitter :)]

  3. :) LOLs.. i understand the auto toeing... It was fun readin these bits.

  4. 100% with you on that POSH PLOT yes love indeed , mille to lekin

    again the FALL in love.. Nice one :)

    made me smile a lot of them thanks for sharing :)


  5. super. the sweety pie & the sonday - wah!

  6. Sahana, always an admirer of your t'wits :)

    I've read them before, but nice to read them all in one place :-)

  7. What a fun post!
    I think I should be more active on twitter now;)

  8. Fantastic word play is something I adore in your writings. Great fan :)

  9. Extremely funny one liners Sahana!! And the 26th one takes the cake :)

  10. You are at your tWITTIEST best on Twitter!!

    (that was a bad one i know, but i couldn't help myself!! :-P )

  11. UHAHAHA UHHAHHAAHA :D lovely once :D

    3, 12, 16 .... rocks

  12. @Uapasana: I think this wasn't bad at was witty and funny :) What say Sahana?

  13. Absolutely creative and truly funny post;
    Sahanaji, I am happy to nominate you as Versatile Blogger Award on

  14. @Scribby : Thank you Scribby!! U r too kind!! :-)

  15. Thanks for your comments in my blog.I always reply and write to your namesake thinking that it was you till she pointed out my mistake.


  17. I am a fan of acumen that can elicit humor out of any depressed lips.

  18. I am a fan of your acumen that can elicit humor out of any depressed lips

  19. haha rofl list!!! 21 is the best!!!

  20. Awesome list. Its an honour to nominate you for the versatile blogger award. Here's the link-!/2011/12/versatile-blogger-award.html
    Thank you.

  21. hahahaa.. ROTFL.. you're a gr8 tweeter!! :) All of 'em are nice.. can't pick just one :)

  22. @Rahul Bhatia: Thanks a lot :)

    @KP: Smile conveys that you enjoyed. I am glad :)

    @Sunita: :-D Agree ya..

  23. @Scribby Oh sure! I will update when I have a collection next time. Thanks a lot for the comment. Means a lot to me!

  24. @ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini Yeah, Only Bangaloreans understand what it means probably :D

  25. @Bikramjit It is my pleasure Bikramjit to share :) I am very happy that you liked them too :)

  26. @Sujatha Sathya Correct no? :D See.. That is why twitter is fun sometimes

  27. @Ashwini Ashwini.. That is such a pleasure. And it is your goodness that you voice it out :) THank you!

  28. @Sneha: Thankuuu.. :)

    @Saru: I would love to follow-up there :)

    @Jane Doe: Thank you Jane. That is an amazing feedback on my writings!

  29. @Binu Thomas Let us do the honours for the 26th. In this party, we will eat the cake :)

  30. @Upasana That was good one Upasana :-D I am flying somewhere near cloud 9 now :)

  31. @Ramya Thanks a lot Rachana.. I love those smileys in your comment.. :D

  32. @Ajay Agarwal Welcome to Ahamkaara Ajay! Thanks a lot for your comment :)

  33. @Arpit Rastogi Oh my God Arpit! Beri Beri is not a funny disease. It is caused of vitamin B deficiency!

  34. @Neeraj Kumar Thanks a lot for generous words Neeraj. Wow! Thank you

  35. @Anand That is so nice of you Anand. :) Thank you!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.


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