Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Learn from the Burn

Knowing the way things are now,

She has learnt and she knows how..

To keep the cry and feel the pain,

And float away with the breeze, to remain sane.


  1. beautifully penned. it made my heart cry. is in't is the truth of many many women around the world??

  2. @Preetilata???
    Yes it is Preetilata. :) Thanks a lot for commenting.

  3. Well written, and the image goes perfectly with the words.

    Keep blogging.

  4. Very well written,
    I only feel I am blessed to be woman...
    Cause I know to love, to care, to hug, to cry, to be proud and to be supportive...
    I am woman

  5. @Sri: Thanks a lot. :) and thanks to the internet. :)

  6. @Ramya: Thanks a lot!
    I feel the same. We the creators! YO!

  7. Hi..
    got to know ur blog thru Sri's..

    Luvd these lines..that depict the 'woman' :)

    keep writing...njoyed my presence here!
    And yes,I am following u..


  8. Hey Gowthami,
    Thanks a lot for the comment and following. I am glad you enjoyed the post.


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