Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Standing at the door

Standing at the door, I wait for you...
The wind blew off the charm of the face..
The clouds were moving at a slower pace.

I saw through the clouds, I found no messages.
Birds flying back home without singing their song.
Masked is the dusk, gone is the dawn

My eyes are still on the road,
They just changed to moist mode.
While the hope still remains
Memories of broken promises pains.

I am standing at the door waiting for you!


  1. Wow!!! Good one!!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Attige. Glad you liked it.

  3. The wind blew off the charm of the face..: a marvelous line.

    So, u r a poet as well!

    A good reading experience as always.

  4. @Neeraj: Thanks a lot Neeraj. Your comments are encouraging as always :)

  5. Beautiful phrases. with a touch of a techi (moist mode):). Nice imagination and rhyme.

  6. @Ramesh: Ha Ha, I had not observed that. Thanks a lot for keen observation.
    Thank you for your comment. :)

  7. Nice poem.. :)

    Thanks for dropping by..

    following you.. :)

    Keep Blgging.. Keep Smiling.. :)

  8. Superb poem , though not big fan of poetry and hardly do i read one , your poem made me read it n enjoy it .

  9. @Arpit Rastogi : Welcome to my space Arpit. Thanks a lot for the comment and for the following.

  10. @Team G Square: Am glad that this poetry impressed you. **Happy** This is valued comment for me. Thanks a lot. :)

  11. Nice blog and excellent post...following now :D
    Abhisek's Network

  12. Dear Spicy Sweet
    Sorry I took so long to even say hello.
    Naanu busy-lazy agiddeeni eegella -- busy with work, lazy with blogging.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and I was thrilled to be greeted with poetry today on your blog.
    I also read parts of your story of initiation into motherhood and saw pictures of your darling -- your daughter looks absolutely cuddly-adorable.
    I hope to come back more often to your blog and catch up with your life past ;-)

  13. Thanks a lot! Welcome to my page!
    :D Happens.. with the blogging cycle!
    I will be happy to see you on my blog. And let me wish you get some free time everyday!

  14. This is so sweet and too coool...
    luvd this lovely poem of simple yet touching words!

    seem as if they came straight from the core of heart!
    keep writing :)

  15. Thanks a lot Gowthami for your lovely appreciation :)

  16. Hey that's a real good one!!! Longing to be united and waiting for the ONE is portrayed so very well. I thoroughly enjoyed it.. every bit of it.

  17. Thanks a lot Ashwini! Am glad the emotion intended was conveyed. :)

  18. This one looks gr888..and the best thing is the poem is not concluded...any chance to make a sequel and complete it!!!!! Your reader might be waiting for d same :)

  19. @Hemanth: Thanks a lot Hemant. 'Wait' will be eternal for the reader on this. :)

  20. lovely lines...
    the image is lovely too..actually all of the ones you use..may I know the source if you don't mind?

  21. @Uma Thank you Uma. Yes! You can surely know. I just hit google images with various search tags till I get an image appropriate for my post. :)

  22. wow very nice feel of each & every ladies for their loved one...
    beautiful poem :)
    keep smiling :)


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