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My hubby’s cousin and family had come down from UAE. The family included my hubby’s cousin and two children. We had been to the airport to pick him up. On the way back I engaged a 4 year boy in the conversation. Here is a piece. (I should rather call a master-piece)

What is who?
Putta: is the 4 year kid. This is a nick name used in kannada to address a small boy.
Atte: is maama’s wife.
Maama: is maama :-D
Taata: any elderly man


Scene 1:

The kid was extraordinarily intelligent. His level of conversation had already illustrated that. I thought, “Let me kindle him”

Me: Putta... that is a bike! (I showed him a scooter)
Kid: Hmmm... What is that? (He was showing an auto)
Me: That is a bus.
Kid: Hmmm...
A bike zoomed by
Kid: Atte.. See.. the lorry is crossing speed limits!
Me: <Mouth zipped shut! >
Scene 2:

He saw a direction sign board. He turned towards me, patted my chin and asked.
“Atte… Look at that sign board, it shows upwards direction to go to a place; we will go to heaven like taata if we go up. Isn’t it?”

:-D Though, I laughed, I explained the reason to him. He did appear to be convinced.

Scene 3:

One of the tyres ran flat, so hubby changed that in 10 minutes (yusss yusss with my help) we resumed the drive.

Kid: We could not face any problem because you had one backup wheel for the car, isn’t it maama?
BH: Yes
Kid: Atte helped you while putting back the tyre.
BH: Yes. I did thank her in front of you.
Kid: Yes. But, What if atte dies? You also should have back up no? (Why didn’t he think about me? Boys are boys :D)
BH: I don’t have permission boss! ( Winking at me )

Scene 4:
On reaching home,
He suggested my ‘toothless’ grand-mother (who had come home to visit me) to drink horlicks. It seems she will get her teeth back!

Now you know, who got kindled?
Update: I haven't got enough time with the permission seeker!  


  1. Beware of kids! Kindling is no kidding ;-)

  2. Ohh these kids! They're soooo smart!!

  3. @Sharada: Now I am 'awe'are! :)

  4. @Sum: So true.. Sometimes we get lost in the world of words..

  5. Kids can ask the most brilliant questions. One of my friends remembers a kid asking him this particularly interesting question about the Shiva family that he didn't have any answer to:

    "If Lord Shiva has a snake as pet, and Ganesha has a mouse as pet...will not the snake eat the mouse? Will not Kartik's Peacock eat the snake? What about Durga's lion and Shiva's bull? there must be a lot of chaos in their house naa..." that is a thought that would not normally cross our minds once we become big :-)/

  6. ha ha ha. :D

    Fun post. :)

    Don't mess with the kids!

  7. yep...this era sees a predefined energy level and enthusiastic inhibitions in kids to their arguments and learning. Admire them. Did u happen to read my post thank her why's.
    Check out:-

  8. These kids of this generation go really out of the way when it comes to their thinking ability. Their logically asked questions are sometimes that makes us stand with zipped mouths. This is an interesting post. Loved it.

  9. Hahaha...I read it twice laughing!

    When I was child,I used to ask many many questions both relevant and irrelevant...

    hehe kids in this generation are too intelligent that we cannot handle them sometimes!!

    Thanks for sharing...U made me laugh :D

  10. @Sri: Difference is kids start thinking with a clean slate with the facts they have on hand.
    We have prejudiced notions. We assume certain things.

    But, what your friend was asked was amazing :D Even I went thoughtful about it. :D

    Thanks for sharing fun.. :)

  11. @Arpit: Now miss(us) will not mess. Lesson learnt. :)

  12. @Sush: What is you said is cent percent true Sush. I admire, I enjoy, I appreciate.

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment.

  13. @Ashwini: They can really think 'out of the box'. :D We sit in fish for answers in front of the box (computer). That is the difference

  14. @Gowthami: Am happy that this post made you laugh. And yes, if you remember such questions, make it a post in your blog. It will be a fun read..

  15. You are a superb narrator. You can make a great storyteller.

  16. Yeah.. Kids are quite witty and smart these days.. good one.. :) liked the way you presented it..

  17. @ Spicy Sweet ::

    I like the way you play around with words.. really cool. :)

  18. Kids! Sigh. They can sometime prove themselves to be an epitome of tantrum.

  19. Reminded my four year old kid who surprises me all the time and is the muse behind few of my posts.

  20. Just loved the stepney(Spare Tyre) part very much . Now a days kids are sharp ,intelligent and bright .

  21. :) Vonde word comment nimge :D



  22. @Neeraj Kumar Thanks a lot. :) So, I can tell my daughter good stories... :)

  23. @Cartic Thanks Cartic :) Agreed. They are out-smart us many times.

  24. @Arpit Rastogi Ha Ha! You have an eye for wit.. Many don't :) Happy that you took time to mention about this..

  25. @Prateek True. They behave so, because they have a clean and innocent mind. They try, they experiment. :)

  26. @Sairam You have a hilarious blog! Read few of your comic strips. I will certainly come back and read your son's musings. :) Thanks for opening a door to a lovely blog. And thanks for the comment

  27. @Team G Square Ha Ha! Absolutely right! You liked it. I am happy. :)

  28. @Ramya Bekitteno.. illandre ee blog post bartitta? :P

  29. Namaskara madam,
    I've tagged you on my latest post. Please do make some time and pour your heart out in a post on your blog....

  30. Back-up for atte!! Hahha!! That too after seeing type puncture!! LOL! Kiddo…u rock!

  31. LOL that was hilarious. We certainly are no match for the kids of today. They are way ahead of us in the ready wit department.

  32. @Forever mother Thanks a lot for the Tag! I will surely write about the learnings from motherhood.. :)

    Currently: Drafting stage.

  33. @Sujatha Sathya He could not think of back-up for maama?! ;)
    He and his questions sometimes makes us feel that we will lose our hair very soon.. :D

  34. @zephyr That is what we are 'wit'nessing nowadays. :)

    Thanks a lot for spending sometime to drop a comment. Welcome to my space. :)

  35. Ah.. I can so connect with these anecdotes.

  36. @Jean I can understand.. Your son is one brainy kid!

  37. Don't mind, but scene 3 was good...couldn't stop laughing...:):):P


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