Thursday, June 2, 2011

A tranquil weekend in Yercaud

If you looking for a tranquil weekend getaway from Bengaluru - It should be Yercaud!
1) It is not too far from Bangalore (200kms)
2) It has salubrious climate.
3) Not too crowded ( that is what we derived out of our research)

As you stride the gradient of the Yercaud hill, you can see a lot of mines. It is apparent from the mines that Yercaud has a plenty of Bauxite resources. (I thought, how I wish my handsome teacher brought me here for the 'chemistry' lessons. :P Ok ok.. Hubby.. Don't bang me! Was just kidding.. )

First we went to the Sheveroy temple. (Shubhaaramba??)
Sheveroy temple: looks unexciting from outside but, this has a cave inside. (Now, don't tell me it isn't exciting. It was thrilling for me..) One should almost get on his/her fours when they go inside the cave. It is said that the same cave has another opening at Coorg, Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Kaveriamma.   (I somehow likes caves, my ancestors calling huh?)

Lake: There is a beautiful natural lake, right in the middle of the hill-station. (Wondering.. Why all hill stations should have one lake at least?). We opted a romantic pedal boat, it was fun. This place was so scenic.

Diagonally opposite to the lake, there is a well maintained park which is called - The Anna Park. Took a walk in park. Once you come outside, there are a lot of junk stalls. We ate bajji's, roasted corn on cobs with spicy chutney. Yummy! (Walk for the health and Hog when the heart melts..)

View Points: There are many view points. Out of which I would vote for the Pagoda point, Lady's Seat, Gents Seat. The view of the ranges, the vegetation and the Salem  city is just aaawesome.
Sunset view from the Pagoda point is MUST SEE.

There is a well maintained botanical garden. SERENITY and BEAUTY!

I should mention that there was a water-fall as well. But, we were advised not to go there with family since safety was a matter of concern. So, we did not venture out to that place.

Where to stay? 
There are many lodges and resorts. With the increasing hunger for the weekend get-aways to a hill-station. It may be necessary to book before you visit the place.

How to reach?
If you own a car, then it is a pleasure to drive on the 4-lane road. Otherwise, there are an umpteen number of buses which will get you there. Aftermath,you can hire a local transport to go around the places in Yercaud.

How much does it cost?  T
hings are not over priced. Moderate, I would say.

There is a scarcity for vegetarian hotels. People who relish non-vegetarian food, you can feast.

You may want to carry 
1) Warm clothing in winter. Otherwise, it is cool.
2) A hat and sun-glasses in summer.

Do not compare this place to any other hill-station. It has it's own beauty. Enjoy what it offers. What does this place offer? A peaceful weekend for yourself in a hill station.

I loved this place. If you like spending hectic weekend, this is not a place.


  1. hey i been to yercaud too. And i even posted a piece on it on my blog. your post was like a flashback of memories. how do u upload multiple phoots within a single post ??? it was very nice

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  3. The temple is a good place to visit. but, its all about the timing in yercaud. we were almost sun burnt when we went for boating in the afternoon and we where there only in feb. but, You were right about the place being very peace full and the most silent of all the hill stations. I actually liked the place for that one reason. the temple visit really challenged my wits, when they said other than ending in karnataka they told us that, the river water comes out of the cave some times. reading your blog, made me to realize that this place really had its own flavor.

  4. @Sujatha: Felt Nostalgic eh? Nice.
    You can use "Insert Image" multiple times to upload 'N' number of photos. Blogger should come up with a technique to load multiple photos at a time.

  5. @RamesH:
    You are right Ramesh. Boating should be an early evening activity.
    The priest over there was explaining the story to every visitor. I really appreciate his enthusiasm.
    By the way, Welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your opinion

  6. Thanks for introducing a nice place for week end :)
    I will plan to visit this place shortly with my buddies ...

  7. @Manjunath: Do visit this place. If you go for trekking between the forest trail and the plantation it will be even better. In that case, make sure you go with some organized camps.

  8. Very nice description of Yercaud Spicy Sweet - and breathtaking photos too :). Seems like you really enjoyed the place. This was one of my liked destinations too - stayed at the Club Mahindra affiliated resort there last year.

  9. Thanks a lot Aparna. :)
    Nice to know that you liked the place too. Serenity is what we look for.

  10. @Sahana,

    I loved Yercaud, As I am a crazy fan of NDTV Good times No big deal travel show :) I even have recorded my entire Yercaud trip just as she does in the show...

    Cant forget the look on Mango vendor's face as I took my cam and was doing fake interview and he was very serious :D

    love the place and the memories...

  11. @Ramya,
    Lovely! You bubbly soul..
    That will be fun to watch.. When is the show on NDTV?

  12. Nice one..Seems like a good get away from the hustel and bustle..Will recommend to my friends in bengaluru

  13. @Spicy sweet: Have faint memories of visiting this place as a kid. But after reading your post I've already started making plans of going there with a bunch of friends. Thanks so much for the information.. Loved the snaps - beautifully captured.

  14. @Ashwini: Go Go.. Yercaud is the place to relax. If you need any other information, feel free to drop in a message through google connecr or a comment.
    Thanks a lot for your comments.

  15. wattey review! :D

  16. Beautiful. Will schedule a visit very sooon :)

  17. You have captured the beauty of Yercaud in your words and pictures beautifully!

    must ve enjoyed a lot there.

  18. I'm yet to visit this place . you photos and write up is tempting me to take a trip right now .

  19. @Perception: It will be nice if you recommend. It is a nice place.

    @A Ghosh: Nice!

    @Neeraj Kumar: Thank you Neeraj.

    @Team G Square: Do visit sometime. Am sure you will enjoy relaxing holidays.

    @Narayan Bhat: Thank you :)

  20. that was a wonderful virtual tour of yercaud
    thank you

  21. Nice write up. Yercaud is a great place. I've lived there for 10 years of my life, during my school days. I think the water fall you were talking about is the Aeroplane stream. It is quite isolated, but it is a very lush and calm little spot.

    -- Annamalai.

  22. @Annamalai: Oh!! Had I known this earlier we could have asked you for some information on the place. What a lovely place to do schooling!

    When there are sufficient number of people, and the next time we visit Yercaud, I will visit that calm little spot. :)

    Thanks a lot for commenting!

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