Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love Letter

I had written a love letter to my would-be (then - husband now) just before our engagement. I mustered up all the courage to pen a letter.( Girl making a first move is difficult you know..)
I bought a pink colored paper. ( I know, girlie type.. But, that color has something to do with the feeling of love) wrote these wordings in it, took a printout of his official address, pasted that on a brown envelope. (I had to do all these 'cover-ups' to give the post a look of some bank/financial statement. )

And there is one more special thing to share. With this letter, I was the first to use those '3 words'. (The most powerful words which  satisfies a person's deepest emotional  needs)

Honey Bunch!

Surprised? Yes. This is a love letter! I felt like saying a lot of things to you when we met last time. But, all my words were lost in the depth of your eyes, which made me fall for you. So, I choose this mode of communication.

Let me confess, I did not feel positive when I first met you. It was certainly not love at first sight. But, later without my knowledge the beautiful feeling just grew inside me. Now, the roots of the love for you have spread all over in my body as my blood vessels. :-P

From the day I started interacting with you, I found that someone whom I really care about, I found that special person who means more to me than anyone else in the world.

The things you told me, the dreams you showed me, the way you made me feel, I never heard of them before in any story or I saw them in any movie. The feeling is exceptional. You are so unique. You are the epitome of every quality I have ever looked for, in my special person. 

You could have been anywhere in the world with any girl; but, you picked me to be with you. I feel blessed. My life is at its best with you by my side. It feels like we are the best match that can ever be made and we had nothing to do with it. It just happened.

I always believed that the trick in life isn't getting what you want; it is in wanting it after you get it.
After all these years, I found you now; and I think probably, I would have missed you even if we had never met! (And how? My prince charming would have remained in my imaginations forever)

What else do you have in this letter? A Ice-Breaker!

With lots of Hugs and Kisses,


  1. wow! let me tell you something... don't let single people read this stuff!
    but its gr8. you haven't hesitated to express every feeling.

  2. Hey Xeno! Welcome to my space!
    As my feelings cannot be stopped I cant stop anyone from reading my blog. :P
    Thanks a lot for your comment. It is really precious.

  3. Wow! heart-full, beautiful.

  4. @Rajesh: I am thank full... :)
    @Vyankatesh: Thank you..

    Your comments are encouraging..

  5. Hi liked your blog title:))one which most of us have in one or the other form.:))Very nice letter in bw ..your would be then would have been impressed.:)

  6. Thanks a lot Raji! Welcome to my space.
    Yes, he was impressed
    but it was not expressed. :)

  7. Honey Bunch!! What a choice of words to address & begin your letter!

    Have you seen Chandramukhi Pranasakhi movie? In that,he struggles just to start the letter!! And here u r a PRO!!

    Nice letter. And sweet story

    I cudnt help noticing that u were married so very recently. It must seem almost like yesterday for you, isn’t it?

  8. Sujatha,
    I have watched that movie, poor guy struggles so much.. :D
    I did struggle initially in mustering up the courage on the writing act.
    So true.. It does seem like yesterday to me.. (You said this out of your experience.. Didn't you..)

    For all this hard work - I did not even get an acknowlegment of letter! :-D

    Felt good reading your comment.. Thank you..

  9. Hi..spIcy sWeet..! Nyc to have read a LL...!
    Me too have done d attmpt...I juz didn knw I cud write a love letter untill I finishd it !

  10. @HA!fA: It is indeed a beautiful experience to express love through a letter. :) I am happy that you have enjoyed that too.

    @Nishana: Thank you! :)

  11. That's so sweet ! and very forward of you to do that by way of letter. I hope he has it stacked away with his precious belongings.

    Congrats on your marriage, wishing you both many more love filled years ahead.

  12. You've poured in everything. What was his reaction to this letter by the way?

  13. @Ashwini: ABSOLUTELY NO REACTION Ashwini..
    He did not even acknowledge. After 2 weeks I started asking, whether he got a brown cover as post. He said "yes".
    Allige aa kathe mugitu.. :D

  14. great letter..the title of the post brought back the memories of my own first love letter..which was never posted to the one it was addressed to..because it was written for a competition at my college...
    great work..truly expresses the feelings..

  15. @Somyanshu: Check if you can remember or if you have a copy of it. It will make a great post.
    Thanks a lot for your appreciation. :)

  16. @spicy sweet..i have already posted it on my blog at
    and i have also shared it on indi blogger.
    it goes by the name of TRUE STORY PART 4: MY FIRST LOVE LETTER.

  17. Extremely well written. You write from your heart and it shows. Best wishes for many more 'happy' blog posts :)

  18. @Satish Mutatkar Thanks a lot for a lovely comment and for dropping by! :)

  19. Well as a person who cannot talk openly myself, I also wrote a love letter and when i got that reply one cannot express the pure joy of knowing.
    God bless both of you.

  20. @captainjohann
    Ahh.. Those fond memories always remain close to the heart. :)
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment and welcome to my blog! :)

  21. beautiful, though I had a slight guilt feeling reading someone's love letter :) Bravo ! you shared it !

  22. :) I have shared it because it was my naive way of expressing my feelings.
    When I have shared this letter of mine on the internet, there is no need to feel guilty. :)


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