Saturday, May 14, 2011

Peppy Tweets During WC Finals

It was fun watching the Cricket world cup finals. It was even better with twitter. Following some witty tweeters! I was almost rolling on the floor and laughing, I have picked some tweets which I loved the most. ENJOY MADI!

(Check out his eyes! :D) 
@manuscrypts: Murali needs a pop up blocker for his eyes!

(Check out the PUN)
 @ouchmytoe: Samsya Gambhir Hai. Samadhan Bhi Gambhir hi hai.
(This was for the Deepika Padukone's Advertisement of Nescafe! :-D - which was telecasted mainly during the world cup matches)
@Rima_B: No deepika…u can not pull off a shakira by gyrating like a tallbuilding experiencing anearthquake
(People who watched the toss drama.. And saw/heard Sangakkara's shouts.. )
@sidvee: Dear Sanga. Stop appealing for things that aren’t out. This is not the toss

(Dedicated to Saif Ali Khan's Lo(ve)us(l)y voice..)
 @diogeneb: See some empty seats beside Saif. Understandable. Nobody can take a heavily nasal“Waaaaaw” every 5 seconds.

@shenoyn whatay louvely it would be if Mahela Jayawardhane’s wife is called Purusha Jayawardhane
(Dont "Leave" this! )
 @daddy_san Maybe Sachin should’ve undertaken the Art of Leaving course by Sri Sri Lanka

(srivats has his wits)
@rameshsrivats The Incredible Game. In High Definition. – Dhoni Bravia.

 ( At the time of World cup Finals, this song had reached saturation levels!  It was true for me at least... :P )
@AbithaAnandh: All of a sudden De ghuma ke is not irritating me anymore!

@Joydas:  Dear Jihadis, I had Once seen Malinga draw a cartoon of the prophet.

@fakingnews: Bowler with a habitat on his head has returned.

(Another Rajanikanth Joke!)
Sachin played so many years to win the world cup, Rajni watched the final and won the world cup  ”

 (After Bhajji Slapping  Sreesanth and there was a forward which showed Sreesanth crying, Remember?)
@AbVan:   ROFL! BHAJJI crying.. Sreesanth slapped?
(Congress Statement in the next day's newspaper)
: It is Rajiv Gandhi’s vision from 1985 that delivered the World Cup to India

@AshuMittal:  Sreesanth’s bad bowling spell is a lot like Sri Lanka’s anthem. Just when you think it’s about to end, it starts again

@mojorojo:  MS Dhoni. First time an MS product has delivered without crashing. Ever.


  1. Lolz! Good one :) ...n chetan bhagath tweets were hillarious too

  2. HAhhaha..had a real laugh reading this. I liked the last one, 'MS Product' delivering without crashing.

  3. @Anuroop,
    Thank you!
    I was not following Chetan Bhagath then. Sad :(

  4. @Mohit,
    Welcome to my space.
    Happy that this post made you laugh.. :)
    Thanks a lot for the comment. I value it.

  5. lol :)
    hey visit my recent post i have selected u for an award hope u will!!!

  6. hey SS i don't know whether u got my comment or not, so again just to confirm u that i have nominated u for the award plz do visit my post for accepting it :)

  7. Really interesting and funny :)

  8. If you are a cricket fan, can better enjoy it. Great bits.. :o)

  9. hmmm so i was unsure about joining twitter, but this post makes me take the plunge finally :)

    and yes thanks for your comment on my blog , beautiful words

  10. @Vyankatesh: Thanks a lot.. :)

    @Prashanth: I am an ardent cricket fan, but yes, I do enjoy cricket, especially when India is winning. Thank you Prashanth for your comment.

    @Shilpi: Do join twitter Shilpi. Following right people, will make you laugh your heart out.

    @Team G square: Thank you. :)

  11. It was a good to read amid a tense situation. really felt leghter!!!

  12. @Neeraj: Welcome yo my space. Glad that the post made you laugh. :)


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