Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Surprise for my Lovely husband!

I wanted to plan a surprise party for my husband on his birthday. I knew that it was extremely hard to do surprise party planning without him finding out about it.  As my BH says Nothing is bigger than human will

I chalked out a plan.
I drafted a mail, which was like an invite from my school friend. I also added lines to make it look like a forward when I mail him the draft. Here is the snapshot of the mail.

I do not know any Sandhya! And the email id does not exist. (I did not check though). Added the map which I got from the Taj-west End site for brownie points.
Post mail conversation:
Me: Did you check your mail?
BH: Yes, Who is Sandhya? You have not spoken about her.
Me: She is my school friend. How can I talk about all of my batch-mates? :-P
BH: How important is this function for you?
Me: It is very important, since she will be going to the US for the marriage and her parents and her would-be’s family have settled there. She is hosting an engagement party for her Indian friends.
BH: Ok. We will go.
Me: Have you been to a 5-Star Hotel before. (with glittering eyes)
BH: No. I am not a fan of those anyway.
Me:Hmmm (with dull eyes). But, it is nice to experience the class once in a while.
BH: <-Silence->

I had brought a cake for him that day. I did not want him to know. I got the cake box wrapped in the shining pink wrapper.

When he saw the cover,

BH: I am not a kid. There was no need for all these things.
Me: <-It is so difficult when your husband is damn intelligent-> Do you think I am mad to get something for you. I have brought a gift for my friend.
BH: So BIG? Was it required? How much did that cost?
Me: Yes. I bought some crockery set. It is very good. There was a discount offer on this.

Sometimes I feel like peeping into his brain to know which circuit his thoughts are taking!
I had called my in-laws to involve them in the plan. I had booked a cab for them from home to the Taj west end. I knew that he would love to have dinner with his loved-ones.
I booked seats at the Taj-West end at 7.30 PM on 16th February 2011. I told them that I would be celebrating my husband’s birthday. I would also require a cake. They said that the birthday cake was complimentary.

On D-day

I wished him at 12.00 AM. I felt, if I bring a cake in front of him now, he would say, “I knew about this.” I slept.
Just before leaving to office and before he came down from the room. I had arranged the cake with magic candles.
It was fun seeing him try putting off the candles. They were really adamant. ;)
Anyway, he enjoyed. He had a clue of this plan maybe. But, I felt good.

That evening, we started for the Taj-west end to the supposed engagement party.
I had changed my father-in-law’s name to my friend’s name. I did not want any loop-holes in the plan.

We started at 6.45 PM hoping to reach the place by 7.30 PM. There was ghastly traffic jam due to a muslim festival. The car moved at the snail pace. My in-laws had already reached the place on-time. They kept calling me. And BH handed over my phone to me (which I usually keep over the dash-board) saying that my friend has called. I laughed inside.

Finally, we reached the place at 9 PM. Bunni was awake by then.

BH: Let us ask these security guys for the direction of the party hall.
Me:<-apprehensively-> No, no, let us first go to the lobby. My friends are waiting for me there.
BH: As you say Madam.

We reached the lobby. My father-in-law came out. Hugged his son, wished him.
He rubbernecked at me. I could vividly make out what he was thinking at that point in time. I was sure he feltI should have guessed this before

Following events were just very usual. 
He also LOVED the food there. He said he would like to visit the place again! ;)

I loved surprising him!
For the unconditional Love he showers on me, I owe him myself.


  1. As you now, these things do not excite men. I have never been excited with such things when my wife does all this. But, yes - when I read what you have written I could imagine from your point of view how exciting it would have been for you. All I can say here is, next time at least(another next time???), let me try to appreciate when my wife does something like this. :)

  2. You have really understood the behavior well. Men may not get excited. If they can smile for a second, if they can understand that it was a way of showing love that makes us happy. :)

    Appreciation gives woman a lot of happiness. :)

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmm..nice surprise..


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