Friday, March 18, 2011

Bunni Update - 13 Months

  •  Bunni is crying more now. May be she is emotional about people and things.
  1. - She gets angry if she wakes up alone.
  2. - She cries if she does not get what she wants.
  3. - She cries if the she is forced to eat after she thinks she managed to escape the spoon feed. ( Already ego? )
  4. - She cries to prove her point.
  • She wants to go somewhere she grabs your hand/cloth/finger and leads the way. If you choose not to go, let me remind you that I have not guaranteed on your roof.

  • She does not like sweets. Even if I put a pinch of sweet in her mouth, I am rest assured of cleaning the mess because of her puke.

  • She gets excited about slippers, shoes and cow. Birds have lost its charm. (Poor creatures)

  • She wants to wear shoes all the time, go out on a walk. It is very difficult to remove shoes after coming home. But, there is one advantage. If she is not co-operating and you promise her that we will go out and she will wear shoes, your work will be done with unimaginable ease!


  1. Enjoy these sweet moments with your baby! (before they become very serious about life!)

  2. Every child is special and every moment spend with them is most precious moments of our life! It is really amazing to watch how soon they grow up and change their needs and likes..:) Enjoy!


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