Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cricket and Me

I remember fondly and vividly my ‘kirrik’et memories from my childhood;

--I used to collect all sorts of pictures of Indian cricket players, mainly Sachin. I maintained a book which had all cut-outs from various magazines pasted. I remember fighting with a rag picker for a news-paper piece which had Sachin’s Photo!

--The first article I read in news paper was the sports column a day before India’s match and a day after India match (if India had recorded a victory)

-- I visited temples, did urulu seve (rolled over around the temple), burnt camphor on the hand, prayed intensely by doing naama japa (uttering the name of God) several thousand times – Just for India’s win.

-- I believed in a observing a pattern while watching matches together. Like, if someone goes outside and India loses a wicket. I dragged that person back and made him sit in the same place till the match ended. (I did not even allow him/her for the loo.. :-D).

-- If someone insulted Sachin, it would be an insult to me. I indulged in physical fights also!

-- There was a time when the matches played by India in Bangalore Chinnaswamy Stadium resulted in a victory. So, I thought that Bangalore is lucky to team India.

-- I considered people who eulogized cricketers of other countries as ‘traitors’!

Situation now,

--I still cannot stomach India’s defeat. If I feel Indian team is going to lose the match, I just shun watching the match, I do not discuss about the match when India looses. Maybe because, I take it too personally and not just as a sport.

-- Sachin’s play out there in the field makes me feel proud. Someone praising him will help me keep away from dry-eye syndrome.

-- I read news articles related to cricket only when India wins or when it is about Sachin Tendulkar.

-- I do not understand the technical terms used in cricket. Cover-drives, square-cuts, pulls just go over the top. J

I love cricket when India played. I love Sachin Tendulkar for whatever he is. I love to watch cricket only when either of the them  are in the game!


  1. haha.. for sure u r one of the biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar then :)

  2. :-D Surely.. It is such a pride to be his fan

  3. yoo.. hai.. me too used to things dat u did,,,

  4. :) Nice.. I just want to experience the feeling of being on the side of the winners of the world cup. I was not born in 1983!

  5. great post, very well expressed.

  6. Hi
    first time over your blog , Nice post.
    Ya surely you are a great Cricket fan i would say :)
    Cheers for India to win the world cup this time ..2nd attempt since 2003.
    This time we need cup for country and Sachin ..for whom it might be the last world cup.

  7. @Maun Vision: Thanks a lot..
    @Curlyreggie: No doubt about it.. :P

  8. @Vivek: Thanks a lot for visiting my page.
    Congratulations to you too..
    Sachin deserved this world cup.. ** HAPPY*** :)

  9. Can't believe that you even did urulu seve... :)

  10. @BHARATHIRAJA Crazy! That is what I was. Now, I laugh at myself. :)


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