Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing from a few years: Sparrow.

   I remember, during my childhood, I would wake up to the chirping of sparrows.I would love to see the host of sparrows flying. I used to fill rice grains in a bowl and keep it in various places.
Sparrows came into my house, ate the grains kept for them. Their twittering excited me as they flew in and around the house. I used to jump and dance rhythmically to their chirp and wings flap.

There was a day when I saw a baby sparrow on the parapet of our house, which was putting all its might to fly. I wanted to grab hold of it. Amma told that baby sparrow’s mother will not touch the baby sparrow again. Baby sparrow will not have a house to live and it will lose its parents because of me. I got scared and I decided to watch the sparrow from a distance. It flew out successfully within an hour. I was so happy.
Now, I know that 'touching the bird' is a myth. But, I my excitement might have harmed that small bird then.

But now, where are the chmall cutie birds?
I don’t find them in Bangalore. I still keep a bowl of rice grains everyday, expecting sparrows to come. But, the grains in the bowl are eaten away by insects or it gets spoiled.

Where did they go? There are several reasons for their disappearance like,
Ø  Modern architecture which neither have holes or ventilators for houses nor do they have tiled roofs. - Sparrows lived there.
Ø  Sparrows would eat spilt grains near the provision shops where the grains were packed manually. Plastic packed grains have left no room for spillage
Ø  Sparrows would love eat insect and pest infested grains. Do we bother to keep that out for them? We are busy with our own lives
Ø  Electro magnetic waves from the cellular phone towers are a peril to the sparrows.

We have come a long way in the paths of modernization. And there is no looking back. But, we have overlooked our small chirpy partners, who were living with us in our homes, who were friendly, who were leading a social life with us.
We never gave a thought about them through our journey towards modern era.

Now, we can’t go back. And they don’t know the way to come where we are.

I feel bad that present generation kids don’t have a chance to watch and enjoy this bird. The day in the future is not far, when the only way to find a sparrow inside your living room will be to frame it up on the wall like Dodo.

But I don’t want these lovable birds to become extinct. We can still see sparrows outside the city. Please come back dearies. We are missing you hell lots.

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  1. Very true Spicy. Modernization has kept Men ahead and pushed lots of tiny creatures on earth to the verge of extinction.

    Impressive writeup :o)


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