Monday, March 21, 2011

Email Conversation

Here is an excerpt of the threaded mail conversations between me and BH. (My husband)
I had drafted a mail for my colleague (P.G.) who wanted to invite the team for the team lunch. This lunch was planned on the occasion of a pretty girl’s send-off.

Finally, I have a mail from my friend who read our forwarded conversations.  

Mail 1 : From P.G. to team

Dear all,

        Let us take seats at “Gramin” for the Last lunch with <name-undisclosed>,
              Munch away the delicacies,
                  with the “roopasi”!!   ;)

(For my blog readers Roopasi means “Apsare”, “Angel”)

Mail 2: From me to BH

Check out the punch ishtyle in the mail


Mail 3: From BH to me

Lunch, Munch and Punch.

The author is you, is my hunch.


Mail 4: From me to M

Rightly guessed my honeybunch J
I had forwarded the mail to my friend, who replied like this.

Mail 5: From my friend to me and BH
Yes, your "hunch" is right...SR’s "honey bunch"!
I faced a vocabulary “crunch” as I needed Google to see what is “hunch”!
Thanks for this dose of “punch” lines, I felt as if I had a tasty dose of “brunch” at 11am.

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